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squad tracks
Black steel , baseheads, party for your right to fight
Prophets of rage , bring the noise
Don't believe the hype
Can't do nuttin for you man
to insane, I rain firewater
Tape recorder, can't be saved by a court order
I got my sword cross your throat you joke

We on the run with the golden guns, get
Stewart and Bill Cosby and Bob Barker
The crew is Culture VI and type bonkers
Juganot tougher than Tonka the monster
Eatin' the tracks alive divide
became a rapper at the age 14
No gold ropes, no diamond rings
But look at me now, 10 years later
Ask any MC if I rap greater
See I'm known in Fresno,
East Oakland, yeah, that's right

Oakland, California, West Coast life
You either play the game or you smoke the pipe
I became a rapper at the age
I crossed the tracks and now I'm chopping off heads
With the rhyme axe you can run but you can hide so relax
Lock into my eyes, tell me your

A young king at the age of 15, caught up in things 
The golden scorpio, sportin material diamond rings 
Physical, historical, mystical,