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These silent chances pass one by
Who never knew of them at all.
Resigned to the hands of fate
We await her impending beck and call.

Until we
refugees were hiding I'd just point out the doors

In the golden age of steam I learned those German songs
I had to stay alive, there was no right
Raise your can of beer on high
And seal your fate forever
Our best years have past us by
The golden age of leather

This was the night not long
Put your hands on the wheel
Let the golden age begin
Let the window down
Feel the moonlight on your skin
Let the desert wind
Cool your aching
Put your hands on the wheel
Let the golden age begin
Let the window down
Feel the moonlight on your skin
Let the desert wind
Cool your aching
This is deep

Because we're animals with golden rules
Who, who can't be moved by rational views, yeah

Welcome to the new Dark Ages
I hope you're
on the Rock of Ages ever my trust shall be
Here let me wait with patience wait till the night is over
Wait till I see the morning break on the golden shore)
Trying to pass the blame,
With a Glen Beck spin.

What about the age of peace and love we tried,
Text me with the reason why it had to die,
I can hear
Put your hands on the wheel
Let the golden age begin
Let the window down
Feel the moonlight on your skin

The desert wind
Cool your aching head
minds become forever free
Free of fear, free of rage
The coming of the Golden Age for all

Let me take you down
Let life fade away
The ritual has
Reptile race crossbred down through the golden age, human haze
Lemurian throne taken and usurped by the alien drones, controlled and honed
the industrial revolution
Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age
Rave on words on printed page 
(Transcribed by ear; corrections requested and welcomed!
Guide the hidden way
I know that it will take me to
Another golden age
Sundered from daylight, by the rage of the unseen
Betwixt carbonic
Deco tower, rainbow fountain showers
Crystal columns, silver tabloid entry
The celebrity cemetery

A faded trail of a golden age
that flickered
the golden age

In the centre of the earth a fire in the sky
The almighty nation is going down to die

Enter the gate to the ancient world
Lead by
Sail on silver wings, through this storm
What fortune love may bring,
Back to my arms again the love of a former golden age.
I am disabled by fears
Shine, shine, the light of good works shine
The watch before the city gates depicted in their prime
That golden light all grimy now
Three hundred
We were born in a Golden Age
Beyond the creed
Blown with the winds to meet
The ones who creep
And pray
Unsoled feet traces on fresh sand
A map
It makes me wonder when I grow to be that age
Will I be walking down the street begging for your spare change

Or will I grow that old?
Will I still be
Here is the store house of Her Majesty 
Well guarded by sentry 
But looks are free 

Call this the rayless and benighted age 
Witches by tallow
of lost angels
They're living like they're kings and queens, from some royal age
But fortune and fame won't save you, when California
Is wiped out by
at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
And of touching millions with no one really there
A child of the movies in a pyrite golden age
I never knew the price she paid for a life upon
of endless darkness,
Now embraced by shining light
Autonomous power,
Finally this war is won
Golden day of anarchy
The new age has begun

and penance by the tongue
Mardi Gras is where I learned to have fun

There's flannel man with a golden ring
And a cruel, north man, smells like kerosene
For slow-mo footage of the tumble down so
This may not be my best day
But this ain't no golden age
You looked pretty on the freeway
Let's drive into

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