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Ooh baby, ooh yeah, it's tender love again
Tender love…Tender love

Hey there, where are you going?
I won't let you pass me by without
around by the time I'm a parent
We're going to learn about how we can solve some of our problems 
Through alternative energy sources. you can learn more
Around the nation, around the world
What's been going down?
A million voices, one question hurled
Heard in every town
Come in base I've landed my ship on a planet here in space
This is the one they say is inhabited by the human race
And I'm going out to look around
By Chinese greed

Pretty young mother by the temple gate
Covers her baby's face against diesel fumes
That look of concern, you can see it still
I had a dream last night about a firefly
She came into my room and my bed sat by
I asked at once how in the world do you burn so bright
Lies lies lies lies

America has been hijacked
Not by Al Qaeda, not by Bin Laden
But by a group of tyrants
That should be of great concern to all
hate and there is love and there is loss,
But there is light and there is dark, then there is us.
And whether this world burns, is none of your concern
Honey, please

But when I 'look for words'
For more going concerns
For the 'adventure of ideas'
'Adventure never returns' yeah

Whenever I get stuck
got seduced by a preacher, I was blind but now I can see
I'm going to show those bastards the same respect that they are showing me

If we spend our
Don't ignore me nigga where the fuck is u going nigga, this bullshit...

When the lights shut off
And its my turn to settle down
My main concern
is u going nigga, this bullshit...

When the lights shut off
And its my turn to settle down
My main concern
Promise that you will sing about me
going thirty
And it's clear to me that he has no concern for time

He's a Sunday, a Sunday driver
He don't want to get his baby home too soon
right on time

The conductor was a blind man
And it caused me some concern
When he handed me my ticket
For the point of no return

He said, "You
feed me devilish lies
You would think by now you'd shown concern
Don't bother man, you know I've learned
And if you think I'm just wasting my time

Soon enough my time will come the hours getting late
The sun is setting fast and you'll be standing by the gate
I'm sure you're going to say to me son
lit by Olympic torches
Gold bars melted and what returned Rolexes
Niggas got Breitlings to burn
Loyalty to earn
Royalty to who it may concern this is
To all those I trusted (to those who deceived me)

Though by hope deserted of this I am sure
That where I am going you'll hurt me no more.
While your
Now scream my name like its bout to get wild
Now scream my name like its going out of style
Teach me how to scream
Teach me how to scream
of my concerns

But it hurts to lean back in these handcuffs
Like nine kinds of shame turned to rage
As a younger man, I might have put up a fight
I've seen a lot of sights and traveled many miles 
Shook a thousand hands and seen my share of smiles 
I've caused some great concern and told one
god, this is going to end badly.
If you don't wake up, I'll have to stop kissing you.
All that flailing has made you sleepy.
You rest while I untie
I had no cares in the 1990s,
I knew of no downfalls,
War was breaking out all around me,
My concerns were with prank calls.

She kissed me
number anyway you were on the talcum
Powder, how's about them oranges
Moved away from home to school with big plans
By day, studied the history of music
by name
I trashed my own house party cause no body came

Well I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school
Never going, never