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Intro: Nas and Large Professor
Yeah, it's Illmatic (yeah)
It's Illmatic (yeah!)
It's Illmatic, huh
(yeah kick that shit)

[LP] One time 4 your
know what im saying?
Look, we about to go I 255, [yeah]straight up to Memphis.
[ya show]See what im saying, Paul said he gone meet us by Wal-Greens, we
Know how to take an intro on a tune
It can be a 4-bar
Generally it's a 4-bar or 8-bar intro

I'm not wimpin'
Out you know what I'm about
My beat forever
    4 Ever My Beat, 4 Ever My Beat (echoes)
4-4-4-4-4 Ever My...

4 Ever My Beat, this beat is mine forever
[Intro: Cool & Dre]
Good god, a ha ha
Yo Trick I think we done did it again man ([echo:] of course, of course)
Miami's finest, T Double D (haha






I'm in the elevator
Going up to the top floor, look how we elevated
What, you don't know the brand by now? You better get educated
Take both of my
virgin clear 
His voice is Chicken Little's -- But he's hearing Paul Revere 

When he catches himself giggling -- he forces up a sneer 
Though he'd
[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, knawhatimean, Killah Priest
I changed my name, man, it's Leo Angel now
Knawhatimean? Yo, this is Black Market
success 'cause I be excellent
Everything we do, everything we do
TSB 'cause we live excellent
Art on high 'cause we make excellent
We thank

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