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Shall we gather at the river,
Where bright angels he has brought,
With it's crystal tides forever
Flowing by the throne of God

Yes, we'll
so long 
God has been faithful, He will be again 
His loving compassion, it knows no end 
All I have need of, His hand will provide 
He's always
flows by the Throne of God

Shall we gather at the river
Where bright angel feet have trod
With it's crystal tide forever
Flowing by the throne
Oral instinct condemns by strong intent
Freed from the law that sin enslaved
Nature of man, power is depraved
Exertion will not provide atonement
Man can
[ Kitty ]
Heaven will be my home some sweet day oh Lord don't let me fall by the way
Heaven will be my home some sweet day hold on to my hand oh Lord
Oh Kitty, My Darling, remember
That the doom will be mine if I stay
'Tis far better to part, though it's hard to
Than to rot in their prison away
Angels by my side

Still the light will pierce the dark
And the dark will steal the light
And grace provides these
Angels by my side
Leave this land, Abraham
Cross the burnin' sand, Abraham
And you will find, Abraham
Peace of mind, Abraham
That only I, Abraham
Can provide, Abraham
Of promises the voice of god requesting me
I provide you shelter from the cold
So gather at my feet
Before the missionary man

In the line for complete
bear in memory
Keep this password in your mind
God provides for every worker
When in union, they combine

Then by honest weight, we labor
Union miners
I look around, my life stands before me
I hear the sound, of words that will restore me
Guided by the vision of the truth that will abound
to you
My time is in your hands

My purpose is your will 
I know that you'll provide
So I'll be still 


You are the One 
That delivers
and death 
The gods will guide you up to your last breath 

You will lead a secret life sheltered by darkness 
Up to the day that the spirit soldiers will
I think angels get high
Cause I can't describe all these clouds in the sky
I think God must have cried
Cause I can't describe all this rain in my
a day
When all your tired hands will be put to shame
I've got a restless old woman standing by my side
She cannot wait for the finer things in life
of existence
Human mind is inadequate
To provide an explanation
The leaders pray to god for help
But those who god will be the master?
Our blood's still,
of love inside, got to help guide it
Daddy will protect it, God will provide it
We all will be there so your soul ain't divided
Man, how quick she grows
to get their chain back
It's like an open air prison and it remain packed
Nothin' but straight facts

Any vibe for the people by the people
Ya-ya, giddy up
to slay today?
Will I raise my gauge?
Oh God!
How will I teach yea, but it's these tactics that he daily practice
They gonna let you
Don't have it?
song, temporarily blinded by lies.
Everything you hold in your heart is frail.
Everything you love will pass away.
Everything you hold in your heart is
'cause he owns all the cattles on the hill
And He's the God that wipes my tears, and provides enough to pay all my bills
Gimmie me that God, that's
Even in your house, believe 
He's still able,
You can't give up, able,
The story is not over, able,
God will provide, God is,
What ever you need,
Where the ladies at? 
Clarkworld baby 
Uh, uh 
[Repeat: x4]
It's the are baby 
It's the god baby 
I got rhymes I love to bust looking for
will come out tomorrow
To pay my cell phone bill I guess I'm gonna have ta borrow

I won't bow to the sound of adversity
Won't let it get the best of me
advertise your life
Through a blanket of lies
Expand the truth
So their profits will rise
Ignore the sacrifice
Liars casting stones
At the gods they

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