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Say your kin, the pen seeks, ministry
God shaped hole leaves me empty
Bottled friends won't bring relief
Drown your voice with party

For one
Punctured by the God-shaped hole 
In adolescent consciousness. 

He couldn't build a bomb to mend 
The splinters of his broken heart. 
His home-made
time to take a stand
You've seen your life come shaped by foreign hands
And so it's time to make a move
Letting the world know that you greatly
smile your teeth too gritty 
Can't even move, drawers too shitty 
(you know what else) You're shaped like a thistle 
The holes in your drawers when you
a great big hole
And he became the cement filler to hold up the pole
Called life, no pun intended
You think there's more than one way I recommend you
birthday suit
Last but not least, drive inside a farm or couch
Chillin by the barn and dump her where the heffers squirt their poop
You got it?