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torc flight
First time I turned and saw you
God only knows I love you
Never anyone before you
Don't you know I still adore you

My Victoria,
on a brand new six,
La la la la la la la la la la
I just taught my young boys how to mix,
La la la la la la la la la la
Ye ain't seen paper like this nigga.
So rep the streets you ride on.
Chant them down with that rude boy sound,
And watch the whole world lie down.
We generals in the streets they
Mix-A-Lot a sucker
Who you callin' sucker, lip-synching motherfucker
Move the set boy how's this fiasco
I'm in your gutter and I'm singin' like Tabasco,
I know how to work it
Only for a small fee cause your managed by me
Started with rosette then took it to Don P
Ran outta Don P so we vous
See them
for the camera (ahh)
Say cheese and throw up the YB'z (YB'z)
Body picture perfect
I know how to work it
Only for a small fee 'cause your managed by
and spill over the pot boy
Listen, I hope you know you need to stop boy
Fronting and trying be something you not boy
Listen again we keep on banging
didn't came from a long path
Only God knows how long left the Dogg has
'Cause like time we all pass
So if you ever taste success, just pray it's from
Everyday, I see that tortured face
A broken picture with no sound
Tossed by the sea
A grown up on the beach
Another heart that's run aground
freak in the mini skirt
She was dancing real nasty all the boys like her
You can handle like a dog but you won't get game
You'll only get dog fake
over God and health
I can't wait 'til you the next man

I get uptight for love
You know I'll fight for love
And I might keep my wifey up all night
Allah just, I lay it for the mix tapes
Quick to quake a label-mate 
The sound came outta rusted crate
Surrounded by cobwebs
Beat smooth enough
federal cases with legal aids
The unlit stage tonight performing lime desires to eat
Can get you in a 8 by 5, the corner's younger
I smell feel touch
thick like a New York steak
Field Trip on the beach (now got your momma on some pancakes)
I know you sayin' (damn that little nigga's dope)
I got
Check it, MC's in my face after I slug you then I hug you
If I gotta dead you know it's only cause I love you

Shout it out from East-West (from
If I gotta dead you know it's only cause I love you

[Mos Def]
Shout it out from East-West (from South to Northern)
From the richest (to
Safely back onto the shore
Could you grant this last illusion
Only this and nothing more

But what the sailor did not know
And would never
The horny little pagan idol
No wonder my mind is so twisted
By thank God my church wasn't broke-wristed
Even though I never went
I know I still can repent
Mista if we beefing watch your god damn back
Even in showers, even at picnics
My clicks thicker then brick mix
Bullets fatally attracted like lunatic
I'm twenty-six.. still in the mix 
My hair gettin longer, my game gettin stronger 
A nigga been on one, I thank God 
Cause life in the city of stars
on their faces
You wanna walk around with them or you wanna walk with God, nigga!
Make up your got damn mind!

I'm from where the streets test you
Niggas mix
boy, save complaints for the five-oh
Then praise the God - chk-a-chk POW!
They release shots and premeditate to grab
And then they jet back to the lab
Extra bass boost so you know I ain't frontin'
Tinted deck with a missing pause button
A pocketful of tapes from the latest mix shows
With one in
I brought her by, but she kept callin’ him William
Only God can judge me, case closed
I got more hoes than Drake shows
I got this shit
I'm from where the streets test you
Niggas mix business and pleasure
Where the cocaine measure
The narcotics is our product
The by-product, you walk

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