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[Chorus: x2 Pitbull]
Green means go
Yellow means slow
Red means stop
Now drop now roll
Girl you got a ass
Stopping traffic like a red [Repeat
Now move yo arm to the right girl 
Lets go now lets go now lets go now 
Woo lets go 
Should I bring it back right now 
Now bring it back now 
No 1 can do it betta

She'll sing on acapella

Boy the music
Makes me lose control

We goin' make you lose control
And let it go four you
and Hennessy
I can pimp a butterfly for the energy
Game I need acapella

There I go, give me a minute, nigga
'Bout to hit a home run, K. Dot, grab
Let me start by telling you I love you wit all my heart
But I cant understand the reason
Girl you and me were supposed to be for ever and ever
It’s tearing you apart
All I really want
Is just a night at home with her by candlelight
But until I find that girl
I’m gonna hit the floor and we
Yea we gon' take it from the bottom to the windy city
Miami's finest, Chi Town's finest
Pitbull, Twista
And we want all the women to...
runnin' from me
Go and hold that fatty up
Now let me beat up until you say you've had enough

Pitbull and twista shawty
Show me how you work that work
And I can tell that she was jealous, cause my love was lavish
It's like water for chocolate, but she wasn't Spanish
Had to happen more than daily
Who was the first to flash the heat on the cover?
Who was the first crew to go against another?
Who was the first to go acapella
The girls be cookin' and cleanin' and cleanin' and cookin',
She be constantly gushing and cleaning her pussy and when she
Step on tha scene
I hurl again
Then I'll pour some more and start twirlin' then
And might go and get my pipes up by your girl and them
If you a thug, stop girlin'
{DJ Q Bert scratches "right  now here we go"} 

[Dr. Octagon] 

A lot of rappers are wack  they cold booty from the buttcrack 

doing that
That's right motherfucker
Let's ride

We're getting some classic shit right now
Let's go
a doubt
I know you understand how it go
But you're still down for the ride
That's why I still keep you by my side

Cause you ain't got
A half a million
girls wan to dance
And take off their underpants, my salsa
(Where'd everybody go?)
Now come over here and let me give you a tongue kiss on your hot pocket

Me and Mike will go Twin Hype and do a dance on your windpipes
Put your
punk, cause I go in
You witnessin greatness, embrace this girl
Don't let me waste this, come taste this girl
I come from the projects, so yes I'm hood
with her 
See the booty and the front was all in place 
But the girl had the pitbull face 
So we ran jumped drove swam crawled hid 
Oh lord god
the Caribbean
Skiin' off by P.M.
Snatch Canadian cream with Scandinavians
Fellatium style, play it like thirty-two Arabians
The greatest lesson is don't owe,
the Caribbean
Skiin' off by P.M.
Snatch Canadian cream with Scandinavians
Fellatium style, play it like thirty-two Arabians
The greatest lesson is don't owe,
the way I rock, get off my jock
Imma knock you out the box, let's go...

Let's Go!

[Verse 2]
Put up or shut up, get up, yeah what up?
Huh, get
Slimm, Big Boi and this is C B-O-N-E
If you need some back-up find your own
Ya girl gonna give you grief at home
Just tell her these hoes wanna be
the bullet
You got a fly girl? I pull it
But the only thing that I can't ingore
The only thing I can't take no more
The only thing that makes me go out and do
Why  oh why must you swoop through the hood 
like everybody from the hood is up to no good. 
You think all the girls around here are trickin'