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to Gnaw and Gnaw and Gnaw 
 On Passers- by 
 Yes, You could try, but is it worth 
Getting the cookie jar and looking what's inside 
Next thing you know your
of attention
Can i have it for once
I give up
Sit back and open a cold one
I give up
You make me wanna gnaw my skin off like
You make me wanna
You make me wanna
Unstable hobby
It gnaws at your brain.
Envy mind and abnormal shudder
It gnaws at your brain.
Envy mind and
tenacity of purpose
It gnaws
to gnaw
To gnaw on your bones so white
And watch as the freight trains paw
Paw at the wild, wild night

All these ghost towns, wreathed in old loam
the other person thinks
To put faith in another's words, your fucking head caves in
From the thoughts and possibilities, it gnaws and gnaws away
Bring us your filth 
Cast judgement, cast misery 

With trembling hands 
Lead tongue and mouth full of dirt

Your spite
the vitriol 
Make it
and hit the roof
When I see your tights, I fully become a wolf
I wanna gnaw and gnaw your body till I got full
Lemme devour the little red riding hood
Under a bed, a leg and a saw, red teeth gnaw
No more whine, no more whine, quiet time
No more whine
Metal teeth red, red teeth gnaw, leg and saw
meant to be
Howling with the fiend in me
Stroke the fur and gnaw the bone

No more rules and no more lies
No more work for you and I 
On the hunt and feel
a neck that she can gnaw
She eat my soul
All fucked up where her teeth have tore
That means that she's the law
When she unsheathes her claws
then gnaw it apart
Think I'll just hit pause, move on
Knowing we belong?
So how dare you
Leave this sound as a memory
Like that time I was in that creek
yes pretending 

You nibble on the fat of Christ 
You gnaw the marrow from his bones 
You drink him dry 
You lick him clean 
All in his name 
Have some
gnaw on you until the fucking day they drop you in the earth
One more day, one more bite, one more needle, one more night
make it fucking worth
and burned
I earned it, my flog gnaw badge is looking good
On this brand new jacket
The donuts on the flag waving over the cabin
Now grab them graham
running to me 
Or I will scream and set aflame marble tulip juicy tree 

Marble tulip juicy tree, it's where I want to be 
When I gnaw on the tulip
Golf Wang
Trash Wang

Bitch I'm with the fucking extras
Big dog, cup full of eggnog
Don't give a fuck 'bout shit but clips and
Camp Flog Gnaw
fall and I'm still the same
I watched all of em gnaw on the Sugar Cane
I watched all of em ball and then quit the game
They didn't have what it took
Rise like coyotes
Rise like coal-blackened thunder
The fleet has left
While the admiral slumbered
Vigilante Nocturno
Test the chains
It follows me
Tries to divert me
It's going to break into my mind

Dark forces calling from above
From another side of life
Parasites gnaw at me
My need gnaws at me
My need claws at me
My need lurks inside
It won't be pacified
To say what must be said
And nothing else instead
To reach

Spare me from the wolves
Clawing past my door
Tear me from the ghouls
That start to gnaw my fingers

Following her heart
And every beat
she a do dung here
Yuh shoulda mek me come dung ya come ketch her
Mek mi mash up and gnaw gnaw her face
Mi nah lie
Mi hurt mi never come ketch
harrowing is chic
When they want you...

Made up lies
My marrow knows
They'll gnaw in time
Your narrow bones

Refused to wait
Reduced to ashes
You thought it
Style crazy but they gnaw off
I throw the shorts with the long socks like a I'm at flog gnaw
Shouts my dawgs albeit they ain't need to be on all fours

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