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Unstable hobby
It gnaws at your brain.
Envy mind and abnormal shudder
It gnaws at your brain.
Envy mind and
tenacity of purpose
It gnaws
to gnaw
To gnaw on your bones so white
And watch as the freight trains paw
Paw at the wild, wild night

All these ghost towns, wreathed in old loam
Under a bed, a leg and a saw, red teeth gnaw
No more whine, no more whine, quiet time
No more whine
Metal teeth red, red teeth gnaw, leg and saw
I am going insane
This shit is all of a pain
I cannot maintain
As the shit gnaws at my brain
I wish you could be me
And then this you would see
and burned
I earned it, my flog gnaw badge is looking good
On this brand new jacket
The donuts on the flag waving over the cabin
Now grab them graham
running to me 
Or I will scream and set aflame marble tulip juicy tree 

Marble tulip juicy tree, it's where I want to be 
When I gnaw on the tulip
Golf Wang
Trash Wang

Bitch I'm with the fucking extras
Big dog, cup full of eggnog
Don't give a fuck 'bout shit but clips and
Camp Flog Gnaw
Rise like coyotes
Rise like coal-blackened thunder
The fleet has left
While the admiral slumbered
Vigilante Nocturno
Test the chains
It follows me
Tries to divert me
It's going to break into my mind

Dark forces calling from above
From another side of life
Parasites gnaw at me
My need gnaws at me
My need claws at me
My need lurks inside
It won't be pacified
To say what must be said
And nothing else instead
To reach

Spare me from the wolves
Clawing past my door
Tear me from the ghouls
That start to gnaw my fingers

Following her heart
And every beat
she a do dung here
Yuh shoulda mek me come dung ya come ketch her
Mek mi mash up and gnaw gnaw her face
Mi nah lie
Mi hurt mi never come ketch
Dafa melni khèl yeupeu teutiou-teutiou
Soufe si jooy na sougnou jeuf you-jeuf you
Gnawa gnaw yi war nagnou gestou-gestou
Souf si jooy sougnou jeuf
Quick! Set your traps: burn your stakes: throw your stones. We wanna feel safe. And the mice will gnaw right through. Board the windows: caulk
bloody forearms and wrists
Ravenously devouring your shredded survival in fleshly chunks and meaty 

Eviscerate yourself to gnaw at your own
Hindered/your life is measured
By those inhibiting your mind

Who's the scapegoat?
Who is labeled?
Who gnaws the desert/in frustration?
Now who's
Sitting all alone gnaw mark on my face
You're Cuban heel stamped into place
I start shaken I know why
You switch on my TV eye

Sixth sense from
to gnaw
To gnaw on your bones so white
And watch while the freight trains paw
Into the wild, wild night

How I D-Twain
How I D-Twain

If you want
The hewks live upstairs
Where the air is clean in the melting pot
They like to swoop down
And gnaw an your brain in the melting pot
Money, sex and power
And the rats chewed a great big hole 
In my only winter coat 
And at night I'd hear them gnaw 
The paper on my bedroom wall 
But I still say 
Those were
lather, girl;
Nameless gnaw of my pains
Like 300 trumpets and just one is out of tune.
to Baton Rouge

Spit out the seeds
Gnaw on the pulp
Suck on the juice
And simmer the rinds
(Herbivorous, crepuscular)

Look at everything
You had to have
You are my whore, you are the one I adore,
You are the one that my twisted heart adores,
Like a dog I will gnaw, like a dog I will paw,
For when the sun doth set in Carpathia ... 

... and the worm that gnaws the grave 
Crawls hence forth from gulf and cave. 

And when the moon doth

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