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The train runs over the camel but is derailed by the gnat
How will we know? (futuristic crashendos)
March of the rotten vegetables
The big ol' bug is
Are things clouds or clocks?
What's a swarm of gnats got to do with a pile of rocks,
With a pile of rocks?
What have a bucket and a clean slate
Snakes eating frogs, toads eating gnats
When the space ship beams you up, boy, get drunk fast
Rubber bullet barn, titty sucking calf
Goats and roosters,
words are gold, and living is offensive in itself. You shallow ideals are about as useless as the gnats in my eyes. Wake up. Put your heart where your
Bats in the roof, cats in the hall
Dust on the stairway, gnats on the wall

Big rain comin'
Big rain comin' this way
Rain on the rock
little gnat / Who's the boss man? Surely ain't dat white man  Dis is Hippolyte's habitat / Creole Qui moun' qui, patron la  see' pa blanc la ce moin'  Qui
and I can't feel but sap tears when I'm cut off
I'm a living gnat
Mating and flying
We're two but seem one
Like a siamese kind of thing
Or if I was
That nothing ever came from a mouse anyway

Never say that nothing ever came from a gnat anyway
Flew into my ear and then he done flown away
of milk you've a real brew to savor
They drink luke brown water that looks like gnat pee
And it's got nothing to do with a good cup of tea

Pour boiling
upon the earth
Gnats dance through my sable cloak
I lay at length upon the earth
Heaven is silent in travailed prayer

All darkness flaunts before
surely pardon 
Fireflies, moths, gnats and bees 
Spiders climbing in the trees 
Butterflies drift in the gentle breeze 
There are snakes, ants that
Who turn out to be just as wretched

This living wreck
Will come to crash again
Time it tight and I just might
Come back to what you are

of the pollen and flowers
The breeze is so neat, so sweet
Bees buzzin' and flies not yet flyin', well there're little nits nittin'
and gnats gnattin'

See, I
and a little gnat
My name is DJ (run) and he's Darryl (mack)
Run-(D.M.C.), right and exact

(c'mon let's get em, tell em d)

To give him if he tries to see her face

This gnat lurks around and never obeys
Another mental breakdown saves the day
While you cry I'll try
I draw blood like mosquitoes why'all annoy like gnats
Pop that around the wrong cat get laid flat
Concrete adjust to the contours in your back
It came up on a day I was having a nap
It came up on a day I was catching the gnats
It was a trap, aha, aha, aha, aha

It came up on a day I was
try provoke
'Cause to me you're a fragile gnat

'Cause I'm the Witch finder General
the gnats 
I feed you rodent hair 

I keep you in my cellar safe 
I'll keep you there til dawn 
I'll wait until the sun comes up 
And I'll poke and prod
Cross the flow let em know was crackn

Shawty get loose
Baby do what you do just wash that nasty hurrr
Shawty get loose
Hit the dance flo gnat like
Why won't you give me your love?

I'll chain you up, I'll make you mine
I'll keep you locked downstairs
With all the bugs and all the gnats
I'll feed
go wrong 'cause the click is tighter than gnat ass and that bad
Mosquito, now we goes, I'm proud of you people's

For sellin' your cracker sacks, I'm
the S.W.A.T.S. is my home
Never go wrong cause the click is tighter than gnat ass and that bad
Mosquito, now we goes, "I'm proud of you peoples
For selling your
fall, I recall
your rhymes stall when you bust caps
Make sure they krytonite caps
I'm made of steel, I swat bullets like gnats
I'm like, Superman, fly
Windshield, rappers are like gnats, they're gettin' splattered 'pon the windshield
Fallin' down like London Bridge, my blade split your onion head

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