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contorted shadows cast
Staring into the maw of the void, where infernal incisors endlessly gnash

A blasphemous sonata echoes throughout the halls
Or by their lives we will fall

Gnash down our teeth in hate and sing
Sing revolution's song
Whey they say die
Die for America


They say that freedom
Shake your hands like they're full of feathers.
Shake your wings like they're laced with sound.
Shake your skin like a scrambled tv.
Gnash your teeth like
touch me I will gnash gnash gash

'Cause I am an old phenomenon
And I am an old phenomenon

Show them we believe
See the unforeseen
Sharpen canine
or evil?
Is this right or wrong?

I can feel a change
Yes I can feel a change inside me
Inside you
Gnash's through each stranger in the night
Your eyes will
I think I'll blow them up
I'm gonna weep and wail
I'm gonna gnash my teeth
At the lies they tell
And half the people in the world
Don't even
On the cusp of an explosion
I answer with evil that's the way that I play it
Street Turks multiple confusions
I gnash spit
I grind my teeth
his hands
A thousand years ago

I walk with others in me yearning to get out
Claw at my skin and gnash their teeth and shout
One of them wants only
empire will be discovered
For the judgment of mankind
Gnash of teeth and endless cries will be heard
The Hell there's to bury, the Heaven there's
only one
That can work, that can work, that can work
Step up this is gonna hurt
Gnash your teeth take a bite of the dirt
back into you
All of the rivers are boiling with thirst
All my hands are covered with earth
All of my children that gnash with their teeth
on a hardwood floor
Well, I can hold a woman down on a hardwood floor
And your teeth can gnash right through me
Looking for a soft place
And of this you won't
Why's my blood race
Why I gnash my teeth
Sand man's come here
With his misery
You wrought with pain
As you slash my flesh
Wrath's revenge lives
Camera thief
Take pictures
Run like the parallel stitches
Attach my feet to the path I beat
Teach myself to keep the answers brief
Gnash my
I bang my head, gnash my teeth
Are you coming through, I, I 
It makes no sense, don't comprehend
I'm into abuse, I, I 
I saw that nope that you once
on the track had even started yet

It's the feeling of being retarded and getting more job ops. than vets
White people love to clash and neglect
And gnash their
gnash their teeth
Tear themselves apart
And we call out

See these hands held high
Let it fall
We're not about to pay your price, we call out
it away 
Up screaming you'll 
Show up pleading 
For me to take it away 

No rage left 
Choke on every word 
Take one last deep breath 
Gnash my
The teeth gnash - The body wails
Tears like white water rapids
Erodes words, the doomed rock
She is my wife for life
But she hints that she might end
and masticate your insatiable tongue
But the pieces you ingest in carnivorous abandon
Fall out of the gaping that you have torn in your intestines

Shivering on the courthouse steps in polyester robes
And exposed bone thermals

March them down to riverside square
Your teeth gnash together as you chew
your pain

I feel so cut of from this godless word

There is no faith in your eyes
This is the one thing I despise

So gnash your teeth into
had known when I was a child
I've always been a kid tryna find where I belong
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ladies and gentlemen, gnash
teeth gnash

I feel what's real in my mind inside


You can't escape what seeks you out
There's an epidemic going on

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