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else's hog
I sit around all day like a twenty-four karat
Bump on a golden log
Well I traded that rusty ol' GMC
Gotta long black Cadillac limousine
hoppin', we servin' junkies, come through slow, we shootin' it up
We got dirty sticks up in this GMC, shots out a moving truck
I just poured a trey up in
that don't bury the hatch
We bust raps like we bust these gats, we the type of people chevy's and gmc's to
We bust raps like we bust these gats, we
I'm from the red dirt mud where we trying to survive
(Let's go)
Crank this bitch and turn me up
All my real motherfuckers what it do? What's up?
my salty tears
But she's been around to see my happy smiles
From New York City to Kangka Ki in a 707 or in a GMC
I've carried her and she's carried me
And you don't stop

行くぞ Here we go
行くぞ Here we go Here we go
2MC and DJ じゃない
2DJ and 1MC
Then take
a white cup it gotta be the barre
Blue, black, or red don't touch my car
Screwed Up Click is who we are
25 lighters like D.M.D
20 inch rims on GMC's
and raisin' hell

Sure does like his Falstaff beer
He likes to chase it down with that Wild Turkey liquor
He drives a '57 GMC pickup truck
Got a gun rack
asses and raising hell

Sure does like his Falstaff beer
Likes to chase it down with that Wild Turkey liquor
Drives a fifty-seven GMC pickup truck
and God align like a D-M-V
You rappers are neon green
Yukon Denali wanna be G-MC's
But overdose on Christ see a G-OD
G-O-D that's what you see on me
the man that made this road

Mr. Dwight D
General Motors
Big Ol' GMC
They saw the future
Yes, indeed
Eternal combustion
That's what
Inteligencia macizo
Gmc sus iniciales
Una letra cada equipo
Atentos y bien armados
Todos bien encapuchados
Para atrapar a los perros
Estaban bien
I shoot craps drive GMC
like they last name Keys
Dirties please, watch me as I switch my steez
First name GMC, last name Denali
Why the change? Yu-kon not fuck wit me
And if I squeeze niggas fallin' like they last name Keys
Dirties please, watch me as I switch my speeds
First name GMC, last name Denali
Why the change?
some candy on consignment
My designated riders got my back like a car seat
Got twenty four inch tires on my GMC, EXT
Or should I say, ESV, extended
that yellow Bentley, bumblebee up in this bitch
When I wrote my first song, breaking down my first brick
That was '05, I was in that '06
Had the GMC
We made Oklahoma a little after 3
Randy, his brother Bob and my old G-M-C
We had some moonshine whiskey
And some of Bob's homegrown 
We were so
as they stomped their feet
Boasting about being able to get more ass
Than a toilet seat.
And the GMCs and the Straight 8 Fords
Were coughing
in the C.M.B
Pretty mixed bitch I just call ha P.M.B
Watch ya step baby gettin' out that G.M.C
You bust yo ass girl we both gon' be on T.M.Z
Rubber necks starin' at the long nose runner parked beside this old GMC
Bright light burnin' but the girl ain't a sayin'
Nothin' she don't want
Yeah, 2003
Big Lou and company
Macks, Peterbilts, GMC's, white freight liners
Volvos, Marlins, Internationals

Eighteen wheels, we do deals
be? White drop GMC
Might cop me a P, I talked it down to a G
Downtown in new gear, riding 'round with that thing
Now we got us some rings so take
used to could

GMC Cannonball going like a train
All down the 40 in the driving rain
All those horses underneath the hood
I don't do it no more but

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