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Bonnie Raitt

I gave my love a candle
A promise at life
And I told æ?½m when my number comes up
Winds would fill the sky
Me Iæ?¦ fixinto die
Bonnie Raitt-Trinkets
(Emory Joseph)

When I was a kid
I had a little record
I played it over and over 
Each and every day.
Sung by a man
Named Louie
Bonnie Raitt-Takin' My Time
(Bill Payne)

I'm takin' my time
So please don't rush me.
Tryin' to sort out some things I didn't know existed.
I've been
(performed by jackson browne and bonnie raitt on the pete seeger tribute album where have all the flowers gone;1998)

When I was a young man
and you can tell by the glow in
My eyes it's hard to sleep without her by my bed at night with her on my side
I'm gon be alright I love to hold her squeeze