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You better run
As fast as you can
'Cause this passenger's not a happy man
Start running just as fast as you can

You say, you need a friend
Well, Johnny was a poor man on wrong side of town
He said he loved a girl named Georgia Brown
Georgia's on the hip side living in sin
With Johnny
I look out my window and watch her as she passes by
I said to myself I'm such a lucky guy
To have a girl like her it's a dream come true
And of all
seen you again
Girl I coulda sworn I just saw you
Passin' me by passin' me by pa passin' me by
I swore I caught a glimpse of you from the corner of my
a picture perfect passenger

I will always walk tall
I hold my loneliness up like a medicine ball
I come out of the wilderness to lay by the waterfall
Each day through my window
I watch as how she passes by
I said to myself
Your such a lucky guy
To have a good girl like her
It's truly your
I look out my window and watch her as she passes by
I said to myself I'm such a lucky guy
To have a girl like her it's a dream come true
homies kinda deep
Somking on a thai stick feeling kinda hight wit
Ya passenger seat occupied by a fly bitch
Rolling in ya lo-lo
Cut list all ya MCs
like nobody gets hurt.
They wanna smile when they press rewind,
They don't want life to pass them by,
They wanna feel, they wanna touch,
Girls these

The show is over
And we must all go home
Just leave me by myself
I'll be alright here on my own

If it's all over, it's all over
And I'm
Hey girl, hey, where you been? Yo? phone still on? I been tryin' to reach you
My mans them said they saw you, and I was like, man I got to call her
If you can find your pretty way back home 
Run run run 
A girl like you ought to have known 
But you can't 
You're my sun-starved passenger
a feeling for you girl
And though you're walking in a storm
Alone you may be cold
But together we'll be warm

And now the room is empty
And now
Running through the girl's body
There had to be drugs
And they too had a name
And the adrenalin rush
Had left her exhausted
When under the blue sky
, cause shawtys, 'cause shawtys fly
I could use someone like you by my side
As long as you're a rider, a rider,
I can know you down
Baby are you down
you shop a lot
Girl you look so fly, I need what you got
I know you feel it too, just by your attitude
Ain't try to play no games just wanna get with
I need your love
I'm running back
I'm running back
I want you back
'Cause I need your love

Girl I know your said you giving up
You say come in
There is a nice, pretty girl, in a far away land.
When people pass by her tent, they always stop and take a double-glimpse
(People said that she
You keep running away
Though I beg you not to leave
But still you won't stay
Darlin' you keep running away
Tear my heart apart every step
changed girl, since you come along
Your lovin' sweetness is my weakness
Though I need you, dear, I just can't keep you near

Running away, running away,
sleeping by the wasteside of tomorrow 
When a drunk girl awoke me on the train 
But I did not see her stumbling and I did not hear her mumbling 
As I
The lightning express from the depot so grand
Had started out on its way
All of the passengers that gathered on board
Seemed to be happy and gay
We were taken as passengers by a man
And he led us in six different ways

So then we all drank a parting glass
In case we'd never meet more
And we
no one to call my own
Deserted by my family never felt that I belong
So I went running with the wind to hell and back again
From north to south east
the question still remain

Can you love somebody loved by everybody?
Can you love somebody when they're everybody's girl?
Can you love somebody loved by

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