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A rumba. A Gipsy sings his love for an absent woman, 
And how happy the memories of her dancing make him.
A love song which demonstrates the exuberant passion a gipsy feels toward his beloved, 
And his need to go on feeling that intensity of emotion.
hide the gipsy inside

She's a gipsy, and the lady's her disguise
She's a gipsy, see the fire in her eyes
And she'd sell off all her diamond rings,
your name
I don't know where you are

Gipsy girl you tantalise me
Dancing in the fireglow
Gipsy girl why did you have to go
Gipsy girl your vision haunts
To gipsies, the child is the king. here, a father expresses how his son has fulfilled his life, and also warns the child that the suffering is
Gipsies are passionate but also possessive. 
Here a Gipsie reproaches his woman for the suspicions of other men his love for her arouses.
A rumba with eastern influences. 
It alludes to the Gipsy woman, 
To her Moorish origins, 
The enchanting power her sensual and graceful dance
Gipsy please
Won't you give me
The secret key
Of life's mistery
She said

Gipsy girl
won't you unfurl
the flag of life
before my eyes
Gipsies came to the castle gate
They sang so high, they sang so low
They sang so sweet, so very very sweet
They stole away the heart of the lady-o
Voodoo woman
I'll see you in my dreams
Gipsy woman
Down on Lonely Street
Gipsy was a friend of mine
In a sacred dream
Voodoo woman magic child
La fille est folle ou sage
Mais l'amour est toujours gipsy
Il est toujours sauvage
Sans frontière et sans merci
Il danse il lance à l'innocence
be found
Booze is what he choose
Like a gipsy he's tipsy
He drinks too much whiskey
Like a gipsy he's tipsy
He drinks too much
A Mr Winehead stagger
La vida de gipsy, y el alma en la mano,
Buscando el camino, para encontrar la pas 
de dios,
Siempre de la vida, el pueblo gitano,
Siempre de la vida,
La guapa ve sempre
La guapa ve sempre

(gipsy kings)
the raggle taggle gipsy oh

Upstairs and down the lady ran
She put on silk and leather oh
And the cry's gone up all around the door
She's away with
Der Gip-Gip-Gip-Gip-Gipsy-Band, der hören alle zu
Sie spielt den alten Dixieland, polli, dolli, dolli, dolli, du, uh
(gipsy kings/el pele-v. amigo-queco)
vivir tormento

Ta bada bada bada bada bada bada bada
Tab tab tab tabadaba tabadaba

(gipsy kings)
ya a sufri por ti

Mujer, mujer
Porque cambia tu manera why forma de vivir

Mujer, mujer
Porque cambia tu manera why forma de vivir

(gipsy kings)
Speaking of dreams 
Here we are in the glistening streets of Gay Paree 
Playing the Gipsy Kings 
After the rain and taking tea at the Ritz in
Sweet Gipsy Rose-a
Encore, they shout more
Se magnifica

Such a pretty face
Than of you boding into space
So give them more, encore
Tre magnifica

Since she have been gone
Hold on, hold on, hold on

I seen her with the gipsies
Dancin' in the wood
She's always been unfaithful to me
She ain't
Remember, the gipsy never gets lonely
Remember, the gipsy never gets lonely
He spends his nights doing what
They pay him well to do

He don't
Frumpy - How the Gipsy was Born

And God saw that this work was nearly done
A green, mighty planet circled round the sun.
Silver fishes increased in

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