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ya doin' lil bow wow (uh-huh)
Ya had a date.
Ya did that. Now I want you to go world wide with it.
East coast, west coast, mid-west, and down bound.
[Lil' Bow Wow]
Its hard to hold back when you 15
Got money by the stack and jumpin outta candy color lacs'
And every show packed to the rim girls
that with a tech, who wanna bow-wow?
'cause I done been through more shit within the last week
Than a fly flowin' in doo-doo on the concrete
I been
by your honor
We don't want to die
We just want to fly

[Bow Wow]
Ever felt like you just want to get away man.
It's the movement.
I don't think
on Billboard, fuck
Now I gotta sick Kubrick on Lil' Bow Wow's nuts

Long range shots to where you and your mans is
Missed and hit some skinny ugly white bitch in
the heater right by your thigh

And when the s*** got hectic you was ready to ride
You didn't run out when I pulled the gun out
That's what I'm talkin bout
chain put your watch in your pocket
Here come the Braveheart straight out the projects
We live the life where the blood spills
Same thing that get you
Yeah, E-V-E! D-O-double-Gizze! Y'know!
Ruff Ridin', Eastsidin! Foe life, yeah
And you thought it'd never happen
Fuck the haters, bow wow!
Woof, woof,
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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