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[Featuring Mac] 

[Master P] 

Dear Mr. President i live in the hood 

Where people live bad 

But say its all good 

And my homies
rock, I'm stopped by a ghetto cop
A young girl get pregnant, cause she was brought ghetto hot
I roll with the ghetto game, I'm kickin the ghetto slang
guard ya grill
'cause where ya goin you gotta watch your back
Judge, god damn another nigga didn't make it back (Mr.C)
My lil brother Kevin Miller rest
to the ghetto was "The Chronic"

My mama was a gangster nigga
My daddy was just a gangster nigga
Wasn't for them I wouldn't be from Compton
I should probably
years old 
A lil' skinny muthafucka packin guns fuck a toy 
Nigga, I'm just a lil' ghetto boy 

[Chorus: x4]

I'm just a ghetto boy, uptown
were it started
The ghette south eight is my hood and my hearts with the

I can't get out of here
I can't
Mr. Mixx:
Ghetto Style Dee-Jays!

{Don't touch that stereo!}
{Ghetto}  {Bass}

Verse 1:  Fresh Kid Ice
What's up, party people, we're back
of the ghetto
Raised by the streets taught to survive
Keep it real with your niggaz ghetto niggaz worldwide
And when one ride we all ride by all means
Be ready
the neighbourhood were it started
The ghette south eight is my hood and my hearts with the...

I can't get out of here
You better count money 
(ghetto cowboy)
(ghetto cowboy)

Tha name is Krayzie
Big Bad Ass Bone
Wanted up north for all the gold that I stole
to a ghetto celebrity,
(Nobody, nobody)
Ah (ah)
I got straight thrick-fifty-fifty-seven, reasons
That are criminals, thugs, hoodlums, heathens
Smoke wet,
Yo, in case you ain't know
I go by the name of Akon and I'm from
(Africa, Africa)
Home of the Goree Islands

I'm from Senegal, West-side
[Verse 1]
I keep pimpin' to get in a bitch panties
I keeps spittin' the critics can not compare me
They put it simple I am Mr. Miami
And my lil
I know I got some big lips, but I ain't trippin'
Lil Momma I love p****, but I ain't lickin'

Now prepare yourself for some new dick'n
got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
(What is that?) featuring Lil Wayne


(My nigga, featuring Lil Wayne,
Mr. Miyagi
Fuck any nigga that ain't got my back, I know God got me
They said I wouldn't come at all, go watch
They say all my niggas looking like they
let it goooo

Yo, they call me Mr. Intellectual, I keep a bunch of vegetables
Carrots and the broccoli, how the hell can you stop me?
Naughty by
it hood no matter where you are

Cause you come from the ghetto
Love 'em from the ghetto
You're you the type I like
That's why I keep you right you off
raised shit, Mr. Miyagi
Fuck any nigga got my back, I know God got me
They said I wasn't coming home, card watcher
They say all my niggas looking like they
bout dat
Only guns and pretty bitches my niggas we bout dat

Drop platinum on the street, Ghetto D and Ghetto Postage
Homey don't touch the weed, lil
love is the law that we live by
Day by day I wonder why my shorty had to die
I reminice over my ghetto princess everyday
Give it up for my shorty
I want you to close you're eyes, n' envision
The most beautiful place in tha world
If you in the hood, the ghetto street corner
Come on this journey,
[Mr. Serv-On]
Believe me
If I had my wish I'd robbin every day nigga wake
Cause if you let the world tell em my lyrics are the reason why
Lil niggas
of this bitch's mist I say shame, shame, shame. 
Enemies attacking me actually I'm in the grain ask Mr. Majesty these
Casualties well they're passin me by
tu area
Causando desmadre, Ponte Trucha

[Verse One: Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob]
As I enter I'm gonna representer Mayhem Click
So Let The Mayhem Begin