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Constrained by mind
And tamed by thoughts
Afraid of getting maimed by 
Feeling insecure
And day by day it's harder to push on through
Virgin little schoolgirls
Dirty little nurse
Teachers, whores and chambermaids
All lifting up their skirts
Sister's in the bathroom
Getting nice
Machines that makes you 

Wither away 
Death of the soul 
Indoctrinated in false grace 

Mind and machinery 
Fear now fuels

No one knew if the spirit died
All wrapped to go like Kentucky Fried
Trying to read the flight of birds
Low on fuel, getting low on words
All flash by me
Steaming neon's in the rain
Diamonds down the memory drain
But you inspire me, fuel and fire me
Never leave me
Or deceive me
on them,
They could see the thrashers coming
And the water shone like diamonds in the dew.

And I was just getting up, hit the road before it's light
Speedin' up 'cause we're runnin' Late
Take the shortcut by the Super 8
I have to make it across the Bay Bridge
Fast enough to put the beer in the fridge!
Mail letters papers and packages
Delivered by carrier and train and planes
Sent and delivered through post
Regardless of sunshine or rains
We have to fire up the engines, supply them with coal
And if we get too weak we are burned as fuel
I have seen my comrades getting burned down here
on them,
They could see the thrashers coming
And the water shone like diamonds in the dew.

And I was just getting up, hit the road before it's light
Why won't they quit trying to bury you
And comfort the pain by stretching the truth?
If I could fan out the flames in this house filled with fuel
Your life's a Mercedes, a mansion with a pool
My life's on a bus stop just waiting for some fuel

Your obviousness disgusts me I see through your
Sit back

You're finding it hard to get very far
But we were born waiting in line
Grabbing the future by the eyes

Getting the hang of it,
than I thought
Someone put the glass in my hand and
Romanced by the shape it was
He said rocket fuel is the key
He called it clear and hard
And it
there’s one great land, one nation under god,
Times are getting harder and we need you to be like moses
And lead your people through
Please be careful,
Lost in silence - my fuel's down -
Getting low
I can't get on - I can't get back -
There's just one way to go

Through the fire - through the fire -
are getting louder every day
There is so much useless noise that I can't take
I'm torch embodied, air is my fuel
They can't like an empty statement

I'm dressed like a road beacon
On my way to Valhalla breakfast
And everything hurts
Can't you see the bitches by my side
Followin' me through
serving a life sentence
Even if I’m going to hell I’m gonna make an entrance
Yeah let em know I’m getting cheese like omelets is
But I’m the toast
of ammunition
Low on fuel I break away
To whell down refuel and rearm
To intercept their second wave

Hanging by your prop I climb
Again in the sky
flyin in my brain bucket
And there was no other rush like it
Saint Christopher was by my side
And Oh Lord what a crazy ride

it's an
L-o-n-g l-o-n-g
and right into the evenin' 'till there were no more city lights
Those broken lines were gettin' blurry through my windscreen
Well I guess I drove all night
Fired up with the devils fuel
I seek an utter high
Leaving an all to boring reality
Everyday, a day to die

Clear, brown or red, doesn't matter
Has shaped her to what she is today

Getting through to her
Getting through to her
Getting through to her
Getting through to her

You quiver like a candle on fire
I'm putting you out
Maybe tonight we could be the last shout
But I'm fascinated by your style
Your beauty will

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