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lights ever change
We wind up with no exit out
Facts are facts and stumbling blocks delay the mind
That's when my muse arrives
To sew loose ends up in
Symphony match-seller, breath out of time -
You can call me on another line.

Indian restaurants that curry my brain.
Newspaper warriors changing
should quiet down. 

Don't bet on another black out, 
I'll be all right. 
There's an army at my window waiting to lose this fight. 
I'm the king
At an Amwellian Do a tongue soaked in booze says
"He's filthy and much older than you"
Oh the sick sick muse, the sickly muse
Pulls out her sickle so shiny, cuts
Jupiter Hollow
In the midnight sun
Well, no man of dreams was ever more outdone
Where the swallows circle over head
And muses gather by the river
there right by your side

Comin' down that cross, I ain't singin' no more blues
Traded in that old has been rusted worn out muse

It's been twenty
the blues come out to play,
And jazz leaves her number...
It's funny, she always says:

"Well, the city lights fly by me,
As their eyes are getting heavy.
Me and my best teddy bear, sitting in my favorite chair
We are going out to play just like every day
I got lots of friends out there and they're lots
a novel because it's never been done before

First house that I saw I wrote house up on the door
And told the people who lived there they had to get out
your rings
Just to count your rings, just to count your rings
And there were
Colors pouring out of the fringe
All heart, though we would've made
can keep what they've got
But they can't have my soul
And if I don't have this all worked out
Still I'm getting closer, getting closer
I still have far
there ain't room enough for two
In dreams that were made for me and you
I`m telling you, it`s getting mighty crowded
Too crowded for me
It`s getting
there ain't room enough for two
In dreams that were made for me and you
I`m telling you, it`s getting mighty crowded
Too crowded for me
It`s getting
I keep using my energy
Pushing in, shoving my way to peace
Almost there , almost there
Do not leave Getting nowhere

Almost there
Almost there
 And we'll hide away
 And let all the world go by

 We sit and count
 No more reasons why
 The tears we cry
 Always getting better
 Always getting
getting any easier, as the months go by

You can tell that I've been drinking
But it's not as much as yesterday
And not near enough to get you out of my
just barely getting by
Everytime I see him
Everytime I see him
Everytime I see him
He's down there getting high

Midnight siren
Whats it mean
I'm pullin up

Pullin' up on that new thang
Muse and my boo thang
And she’s a dime like who’s saying
And we kick shit, Liu Kang
Problem is there only
Counting the clouds up in the sky
Getting all those complications
And those mad situations out of my life

Just watching the world go by
Seeing all
They talk of getting out of the valley
Out of the valley here below
Maybe ride the river and run off
'Cause there's no place left to go

did she say
She wished she went away
And not return to the shame
Brought to her those days
We'll take man's dirty deeds
And suck them out by cosmic
out for sure

This getting older, well it ain't for cowards
This getting older, there's a lot to go through
came in and they all said things were high
And we spoke of a stranger that we all met on the way
Who said there was danger in those who watch out for
She'd get back to me by now
So bottle never fear cause
I've commandeered the number of her new beau's home
But is she ever there?

There's Judy Garland taking Buddha by the hand
And then these seven little men get up to dance
They say Confucius does his crossword with a pen
I'm still

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