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The words were by an English guy
The music's Scandinavian
Wenceslas was five-foot-six
He kept his face unshaven

pillow, I sleep wit my shoes on 
Every single night me and my mack get our groove on 
Don't get moved on 
Cause I shoot through your bicepts your
To spark your mission posse, til way past dark
(Don't park there's no standin') or I'll play the five-oh
You don't stop movin' until the Serch says so
raw-dogging a style magnet

Fraggle rock your four figure watch
I clock ninety-nine cent wristbands
And still know the time when you record flops
Now this
But the people that know him know that it ain't nothing new
Catch five rings, then an answering machine
Hang up on the beep, stare up towards
your rhyme is just ???, so yo, don't front
Juke Box the undisputed power house on the scene
Representin 5th Ward, not Hollis, Queens
But if you know
Verse 1: Crackerjacks
I got the adibles
de-deing-zak-zeek-zo goods to eat
what to the manilla on your paper
it's the rattle with the crackerjack
Kelly, his original plan 

To get as large on the map, by makin' you clap your hands 

Damn shoo bizzatch, I'm not gonna lie 

I'll pump my amps to this
and get no dap for your rap
Shot through the bottom of your feet, now that's my soul clap
So go gold or go plat', but don't go back
Unless you down by law,
it bad
Five or six heads chipping in for a bag
I got the works like a burger deluxe
Get your fix while I'm serving it up, word to us
get high
I might wave hi..
.. at a pretty young girl that walk by
But yo, you all that, you can't stop?
A-with the weave in your head like a mop?
I get mad wicked (fuck around) and catch a bad one by the funker
I puff the mad spliffs and roll blunts with Archie Bunker
'Cause my brain is
wizards, casino sisters, I'll have 'em drain you
It's painful to live in our shoes, hit you with jewels
All my banksta'z, get in the groove, rubbin' your
Nice ]
I got a shitload of story tales in my sack
Please come in, hang your coat on the rag
While you at it, make my coffee black
So I can get