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Look around your surrounded by the M-O-B
Infamous niggas rep Queensbridge housing P's
My dunns
Trapped - I'm trapped
Trapped - I'm trapped

Trapped - ignore the fact
Trapped - inside your head
Trapped - you can't get free
Trapped - by society
on the windows
Trapped out the bando, trapped out the bando
Trapped out the bando, trapped out the bando
Trapped out the bando, trapped out the bando
Trapping out
Know sometimes you just got to show niggas how you do things
That shit hurt, time will tell like my nigga iller G always said
I love all
you was coked up.
By my z'd up, whatever the fuck; who gives a fuck?  You get fucked.
My coalition specialises in collision.
The clash
the hammer
You need triads
I need to get up outta here
don't really think It's cool to let another man

"Let me buck that nigga son"

the subject
Cause its gets me hard
Every nigga holding
Don't mean he gonn arc
Any nigga that show it
Need to disown it
Or get it tooken by another who deserve
Trapped inside their walls of power
Forced to serve upon our knees
Our death gets nearer by the hour
The world subjected to their greed
Hey yo, its hell on earth down here the pavement scorching
Its more on roc when the Mobb walks in
shit gets hot like a ill pot of grits spilled
(Come out of your darkness)
Get up, alarm clock, lip gloss, what a shock!
Get dressed, front door, more stress what for?
Trapped in your world
she did it again
Oh no, uh no, she did it again

That girl is feeling
Trapped by that ring on her finger
Ushadile (she's married)
Some man
trapped in a never ending ghetto 
I move to the hills, but I can never let go
The gun shots and the homicides just don't stop
And just because I came up, I
get killed
Dude only mad because he want to be like the real
H-A-V-O-C, Prodigy, Mobb Deep, retweet that
Pussy, you sweet like bear meat
Sweet like
Matter of fact let me get some of that beer son 
We drunk all that shit hey yo

44th Side convention Queens connection 
The Bridge be repeaing 
to sleezy) 
She's going outta her mind 
(But she still can't hide she can't leave her life) 

Trapped by your life (Life is unavoidable) 
Just to get by
[Prodigy] It's alright with me if it's all right with you
Big P representing from the Mobb Deep Crew
[Havoc] It's alright with me if it's all right
As time goes by, an eye for an eye
We in this together son your beef is mines
So long as the sun shines to light up the sky
We in this
corner's a red bird
His feathers are trapped in a sling
He's passed by some gunslinging parrot
Who's jealous he ain't got no grin

There ain't no time
Trapped in the shit, trapped in the filth
Reaching out to get some help but no one gives a shit

Try to realize and think for yourself
Do not
what can I do now
Sittin by my kitchen table wondering how
One second, life can be filled with so much emotion

Ya got me trapped inside this world
am free but life is so cheap
Scenery is still outside of me
All alone trapped by its beauty
Shayla turned to run away to leave in peace and end her
[Mobb Deep]

Dunn you fam to me, and only family
That can get that close to me
Keep it type strong
Blowing green that's keeping us going
Sometimes the runnin' can sure get you down
It's your first time around
Don't get trapped by the life that you found

If you find your life
you won't live long
Each word is damned 'cause there's a witch trapped in this song

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I get the fire every night burn her
We're all trapped while we're standing still (we're all trapped)

We're all trapped cause we're standing still (we're all trapped)
I get my fill

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