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of shoes
I'll get a little bit stoned this weekend and cry a little bit of these workin' man blues

[ harmonica - piano - guitar ]

I said hey hey
you hinder my vision
Blinded by ya love and you got the room spinnin'
It's not jealousy the reason why I keep you hidden
Hell, I hit you then I pass you
Post turbo, bout to get that bitch painty
Lucky Luciana a.k.a. Piano man, used to play with keys
3 or 4 peas, purpose sack luch, oxis
These ol'
am, for the rest of my days.

Its those lazy days
And the hazy days and the days we get stoned for just days and days.
Its amazing when we get
at the SeaTac Hilton?
I'll guarantee ev'ry word's the Gospel truth
Got witnesses ta prove it, too,
'Cause we all toured with a fella by the name a' Milton

Crack! What the feins use to get high
And the hustlers move to get by that's why the song called crack!

I got the cops drawn, I put the block on