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Pass me not, o gentle Savior
Hear my humble cry.
While on others thou art calling
Do not pass me by.
Savior, Savior, hear my
Underlying wish to convert -
'heathen' souls,

To a faith that will doubtless
Send our Gods to the grave -
Mistake you're making overlooking
and the feature
With the funky singing by Miss Vinia Mojica
So listen because the Quest is led through the underground
My people been up on Quest to long, no
When I'm on the mic, I stand tall with gall
Style worth more than anything you goin' find in mall
The treasure of the mutiny is what keeps you all
Can't go back
No place to go back to
Life is lost, Flowers fall
If it's all dreams
Now wake me up
If it's all real
Just kill me

I'm making the wall
singing for 
The daybreak chorus of my dreams serenades no more 
Yeah the minute man is going soft -- the mirror's on the shelf 

Only when the truth's
the worthless wordsmiths
We're conversing with impersonal twists
Heard the concern with making the Earth ship
These kid games are silly
When all art is signed
They be lacking to pay that thinking straight
Man we ain't lacking a thing rack in the faith
Paid by the blood of the Lamb that is paid
Debt is
you to humiliate your enemies
Have you not read the Art of War?
Absent-minded to the enduring
Pouring your cup of damnation in the midst of my world
love my enemy
You could never take my history
You could never block my destiny
Never did love follow me
And I'll never return to poverty
Never fooled by
son's first shit
But who gon' pay the bills? Supply the meals? No surplus
My baby mama give me drama on the daily
Like she making it barely and my kids
bumpers making sure you beat the buzzer
Making sure Lyrics Born came out his mother's stomach
Covered with the lyrics that kill
No bumper, right? 'cause
caused each other in these streets
If I respect you, we unify and stop the enemy from killing us
But I don’t know, I’m no mortal man, maybe I’m just
your attention 
For no more than several seconds
With the minor hypocritical questions,
Let's say, I had to make an exception,
Where I complied
of change;
The State is aware of that. The bomb serves many functions.
If fear of the omnipotent God is no more,
The nuclear Father will govern with his

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