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moment, but see we so competitive
Gubana made the level, and I never missed a supper
But still my hunger's like a fucking model at a buffet
I'm with these
Clowns are neato clowns are fun - Clowns are loved by everyone - Cops n' commies even fags - Everybody loves a gag - Clowns everywhere are freakin'
uncoated to feed the corroded passion
Actually needs to stay eye level with the rest
That's the least I deserve for the love that I've shed
I've trudged
This is a story from my lifes
See I wouldn't want to lie
Getting on by with my lullaby
And all a my friends getting high
Mens holler holler hi
level and shift, earthplates 
Speeded up birthrate repetitive let it live then let it die
Right inside the eye of the negative
I love puttin pressure