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(Andrew M. Gold/Gary Burr)

Let's just say it's raining
And you come in where it's dry
And we strike a conversation
While the storm is rolling
Raven And Julie Andrews
Some girls are fair
Some are jolly and fit
Some have a well-bred air
Or a well-wholed wit

Each one's a jewel
ain't starvin' like Marvin and won't see no roach
When ya chill wit the rich folks in the hood
Ya sittin' on leather watchin' big screens
Bought by
in my pocket when I unleashed the green 
Gold tank around my neck my pistol's close at hand 
I'm a self made millionaire in these silly streets
Had 12 stuck to my chest in the field with the Colt
Andrew Luck with it
We had the rock, hit the block like what's up with it
Jay was in the Z, my
Only difference is Chuck might give you that call
To march on Friday, yeah, it's kind of frightening
Let me move so I don't get hit by the bolt