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Israel, Gaud Man dem star it 
Watch di bobo dread come, come join it 
Well house a dread a come 

Beat di kette drum, knock di kette drum 
Beat di
Maybe I’m bad
Tae Mee Jai Hai Tur Pai Laaw Ngai
Tab La Lai Tung Tua Lae Hua Jai
Ja Dai Mai Hai Chun Nun Ruk Tur

Maybe I’m bad
Yahk Gaud Tur
frag cho, dr Wäg isch z'Ziu, aber was, 
weme vor het gha gar nie a z'cho. A z'cho.
Du seisch d'Wäut isch kabutt? I sägä z'Gäud isch dr Grund. 
und dass
wos dore geit
Bruchsch e ke Gäud
Hesch eifach bezzli gnue vor Wäut
Losloh musch säuber
Ou wenn ned weisch wos häre geit
Lueg wied Blätter
Met eus tanze
and jewels
Standing low, untamed beyond compare
Diamond studded and dead
A gaud swathed in silk and bled
The tomb lay full while the body roam 
There's no
speed up
You might see Roscoe the Young Gaud 
In the club sippin' wine and if you don't we carris up
We go shanties zeros on my contract 
I might sign
De täglechi Mail-Schock 
Brätt vorem Chopf
Weder Zahle biige 
Rächnige schriibe
Goh Gäud iitriibe 
Öberstonde schiebe

Ech wär lieber ech wär
were full of gold
        O balow, balow la lay
Many a gaud and glittering toy
Baubles brave for a baby boy
        O balow, balow la lay
Heisst es gheit nur um Gäud
Immer nur am folge
Auso machi mis eigete Business now
Schliesse min Account
9 to 5 isch nid mini Wäut
Niggas losed nid uf
brought his incense sad and sweet

O balow, balow la lay
Gifts for a baby King, O

The third king was very old
Both his hands were full of gold
Many a gaud

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