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Gaol Ferry Bridge  


he found me guilty
There was no bail, I'm of to Durham Gaol
I'm going and nothing now can save me
Calamities they always come in threes
And that's
gonna throw you in gaol 
And you know they can't fail 
'cause sand is thicker than blood. 
But a prison in sand 
Is a haven in hell, 
For a gaol can
And you know they can't fail 
''cause sand is thicker than blood. 
But a prison in sand 
Is a haven in hell, 
For a gaol can give you a goal
As the heir of evil
I rule on earth

You pray
My will
You sacrifice
My will
My vanity

All energy and faith
All hassle and pain
Gaol in
cover and keep me warm 

Someday soon I'll taste sweet freedom 
With a woman like you 
I know that I can change 

From gaol it's a hard climb

Now I'm down here in the gaol house
And I know what brought me here
It was the sound of laughter
Ringing in my ears

Well, I guess, I should have
We were born by the Thames' running water, sons of the social disorder
Go to school, get a job, be a fool or a yob and prepare yourself for gaol
We must remain true to our cause, for comrades thrown in gaol
For their sake and sacrifice, we must never fail
For Crane and Pearce and Kuehnen too,
I'll stay out of gaol by paying my bail
And after I'll go to the court of appeal saying
"You've done me wrong," it's the same old song forever."
But then I'd go to gaol and I don't like being cooped up inside.

I may have lost my self-respect but I've still got my pride.
I would steal
Why should I have to choose a state
When every one of them has failed?
I am a frontiersman,
Trapped in suburban England.
And I promise not
and shove,get out of my way.keep moving forward,cause I won't know you wanbt it,to be free.our gaol is all common is the difference between you and me.we
(Original in Gälisch)
An saoghal, sia uairean
Obair la ri culTeaglach gabhal dhan a 'mheasa
Pailteas, slainte, is gaol
An Ruis a tuiteam sios
Jimmy hit the bottle and slid into the skids
Fat alimony cheque to mail
Which he didn't so he went to gaol, that's right

Ooh-ee love goes on
Keep it
Tho' poor but proud was he, whenever they called discretely,
Well he'd smash their faces in and in gaol he died poorly.
"But," he said, "don't let them
soul! After that he could never take rest,
Oh, his sorrows came faster and faster;
He came to the gaol to see my sad case,
And as soon as I saw him I

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