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Fuckin' cockroaches
Motherfuckin' freebandz
Want me to be the bad guy
Wanna motherfuckin' play 
You know 
Come match the cartel nigga

Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
Check up on my ears
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana
I'm 'bout to cop the Porsche
the yayo
I move like A Mob boss, it's gon take an army
The world is mine nigga u get it if u want it
You fuckin with me you'll move to Alaska by
wanksters and squealers
My first spit with the Tony Toca
D-Tweezy "Ride to Death" is our only slogan
Dreams of fuckin J-Lo, Hood is on the payroll
solve 'em
Just every day I'm with a stank sip, 30 in the clip
Riding through that Gaza Strip, kill a nigga quick
Hit a nigga with my race car, Tony Yayo
Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow
Lex we in this bitch throwing gang sign, bang
Brick, brick, brick, brick, brick
Bricksquad bricksquad

[Chorus: x4]
make you do some strange thangs
I don't know why I idolize gangstas like tony montana,
Lucky luciano, probably cause they went out bangin
Gangstas like