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wife because of it
But I got this life because of it
Told ya, game don't never get old

[Sir Mix-A-Lot - talking]
Yeah don't grab the game bull by
[Verse 3 - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Criticized by the main stream
For not bein the house jig and keepin things squeaky clean
But I can't, so I ain't
But I won't play
a motherfuckin Ainsta


[Verse 3: Sir Mix-A-Lot]
What you did on the grind don't impress me
Four years of slanging and your pockets is still empty
national anthem

Verse Three: Sir Mix-a-Lot

Am I a communist? No. But my brain ain't slow
Not long ago, Mix-a-Lot was po'
Never helped out by the ones
the Crowbar with some common sense
You can stay hella bent, I be at the water stackin presidents


[ VERSE 2: Sir Mix-A-Lot ]
One of these
[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Tightly knit, my script is legit
I'm force feedin competition, more rebel shit
Rhymes on a roll, cold yet bold
I did "Posse
the Attitude Adjustor

[Verse Two: Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Do we got gangs?  Hell yeah, brothers gotta get paid
Mickey D's ain't payin no way
So they take to the streets
lookin' for her while we doin' the grown up
She complain when she catch back spasms,
But she love when she get the back to back orgasms
Yes sir, the game is
Have I ever been here before
I remember hearing your name, sir
If my conversation lacks discretion
It's the same old foolish game

Did I ever
to kiss, suckers throw a fist
A lot of rappers try to rap, but it ain't like this

[Sir Mix-A-Lot talking]
Ha haha ha, the true Iron Man of rap droppin' this
, you are way off base.

I don't believe it.

[Adam Sandler]:
Alright I'll play it back for you again sir. And if you get it right this time,
[ INTRO: Chris Rock ]
...All this ill shit
This fuckin Sir Mix-A-Lot shit
What the fuck is this shit?
See the shit's video?

I smoke plenty grass boy
I'm touching on the ass boy
Go ahead and Sir Mix-A-Lot put it on the glass boy
I'm from the South boy

That's how
it on, so I won't get busted
You know rap stars never get trusted
Baby want to get so I put it on vibrate
How does Mix-A-Lot communicate

to figure out how
Mix-A-Lot made the drums go (POW POW)
Understand it's the undercover game plan
Mix-A-Lot soon to be your (TOP MAN)
Yes sirry and put my
Five mil a year, that's Gucci
Smoke a blunt, pop a pill
Snort a line, who cares
Get the popcorn out, it's a movie
Sir Mix-a-Lot, serve bricks a lot
there ain't shit to do 
But then sir jinx played his mix 
And you thought that shit played out in eighty six 
Lookin' for my dogs 
Looked up in
the garage, I'm a get me in that man

My Bad Side

I want him, I want Mix-A-Lot man
I know well listen, take him out man
He dissed my sister
Don't let
crashes or drugs
Last night on 33rd street, I saw a kid get hit by a bus
Bus this drawn out torture over which part of you lives
Is very hard to take
gangsta, you can tell by the swag
And it's fresh off the lot, you can tell by the tag, what's up?

It's about 3 in the morning
Gotta leave with somethin' hot
the swag (swag)
And it's fresh off the lot, you can tell by the tag, what's up?

It's about three in the morning (ay)
Gotta leave with
[Intro - Sir Mix-A-Lot (Female voice)]
(Peek a boo)
This is the true story about a young lady I know
(Peek a boo)
A walkin' zombie, product
I'm getting pretty old, I know I could have done a lot more,
Like putting sugar in the headmaster's tank of his brand new Jaguar. 

I remember when I
with the game 
They know me by the Breed and they don't know it's my last name 
It's mind over matter 
I don't mind, you don't matter 
Pull a glock
Y'all can't get with the Mix-A-Lot show
The man you love to hate ain't phased by the fakes
If you want to playa hate
Eat a big 'ole snake


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