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From the haze in your chambers
To the legs on the stage
I’m consumed by your danger
I can lose my restraint yeah
I can take you even further
the news
Another fatality caused by a family feud
Charged, tried, sentenced by the jury of a brother's gun
Made sister's fiancee's wedding never to be
their winds across the mountains 
A life that's never safe and dry 
Rodeos and riding high 
Ladies and their men get by 
On six-guns and white
Hypnotize Minds!
Three 6 Mafia!
Yuh! You niggas wanna motherfuckin' play nigga
Don't go by the Terrance playin' no motherfuckin'
You gonna hit some weed up in the motherfucker?
DJ Bobby be, D-Loc

Time keeps on slidin' through that hour glass
I, I need to rip another vapor
We can buy it out for tonight
Stepping outside for a light
No coke, and I just smoke vapor, no papers
Slow poke and I don't know about photos
We can buy it out for tonight
Stepping outside for a light
No coke, and I just smoke vapor, no papers
Slow poke and I don't know about photos
a buttonhole, and torn by a slug
Fired from the barrel of a two dollar gun
That scorched a blister on the grip of a punk by now
Is learnin' what you have to pay
(Mad Child)
Yo, I'm a cannibal on Anthrax Island
Dine on my victims swervin' through pylons
Chamber music, car parked in dungeons
Stun gun, never
own weed
Ain't no walk in the park where I'm from
Dogs that bark, but they talk with they guns
Wasn't no unlocked doors where I stayed
Too much
do it for paper
You come with the vapors or capers
Or caper and vapors
Its cool, someone I'll call later


Me and my homies, love the bottle
can't take it)

Fuck you starin' at, didn't know I'd be so quick ta flash, 
Terrified by da way a bassilisk come out him skin so fast
Not the first
hand in hand with my Pakistan man
We made vapors
Fish scales from Jackson Heights Columbians
I.S. 61, was raised for no republicans
And I don’t mean
knows the deal
My sisters gear now has sex appeal
My brothers my partner and were getting paper
And three months later the whole hood cought the vapors
gets the chedder
To the way back days
Where the Half Ounce lays
Gun tucked by the nuts
As the one time struts
Gets my bail on cause I ain't tryin'
simple, Mr. Yates
What, do you mean?
You're the creator

What I saw was amazin after raisin up and
gazin at the vapors that I'm creatin, nights and days I'm
government glock in front of the shop
Equivalent to gun galleries I better keep the eye locked
Show and prove I'm doing Gs trying to teach these 100 Gs
If I
my opinion you make it
The critic'll get the didick and if you got it then stay with it
You never knew me but you flew me to your town see
murderers, drug spot burglars
Niggas doing anything to acquire that paper
Live the life of crime but got saved by the rhyme
Peace to all my niggas doing
the Henny, sippin' with no chaser
When my bitches be thuggin' niggas that catch vapors
Lovin' how my bitches be givin' me paper
One by one, watchin' y'all
and here we go
The bass drum dancin' through to get dumb
Girls on my tip doin' flips because I'm well hung
Never been a fan of yours, vapors say my game's
taught in the classroom 

But to us it's nothing new (naw) 

You hear it on the avenue 

Even on the bus, at a barbecue 

It's spoken, by people of all
When I send my vapors off like Halls menthalyptus 
My verbs and nouns shatter walls of underground 
Let me be blunt: I like crackin' brews with
[Chorus] x2
We makin' swoll funds, we carry swoll guns
And when they get to poppin' bitch I bet you sure run
We get this bitch off the chain until
track that I brung ya
Laced with bass and funky lyrics that I sung ya
1-2-3 or is it 3-2-1
Call me E or just son of a gun
Cause every time I play with

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