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A world as silent as the morning snow
Lombard and Gabble on the lately show
It's the time we both remember
The things we love the best
like a pig
You read me your last will while you're sleeping
Your gabble maybe is charming me
But can't you see - you're drowning
I tell you, you must go
Top-heavy on brandy or sack

The pews are all full of fine fellows
And the hawker has set up her shop
As they're turnin' 'em off at the gallows
cause I walk with a limp and
Step to the ladder like a playa now I'm pimping
Never gabbles in a hoe and come up with it

Navi cars and a home there's
know that I am stalking
But every time I see you
It really feels like talking

Prattle twaddle gabble babble
All the splendor from your lips