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G see g g see d g
When you get inside my head it just goes emp ty
G see g g see d g
With all that junk I've been fed you'd think I'd make
the transitions more manageable for
Solo guitar. chords mapped out as if they were open.

Em see em / / /
Em see em / / /
Em see em d

G see d see
Took a walk down
How can you tell if he's a worried man
       D           G            C           D
By the way that he walks by the way that he stands

- whatever happened to the teenage dream? (yeah)
C                  G
and in my trials I've walked through fire now I wait to share your smile

D                    Am                 C
like playiong g g em as below. try it (both ways) and
Let me know what you prefer.

Intro: horns over g em g em g em see d (twice)
Bass : (g d e e
I'm a-gonna dance with my princess
By the light of a magical moon
D see g (4 times)
D see g
When I was a boy I never felt the weight I'm feeling
D see g
I had a crowd around me and that was that
D see g
I'd get
Em* 322003 (gmaj6)

See slide up to d (repeat) d see
G (1st position) g (add an e on the d string) g see d (*riff)
G (1st position) g (add an e
G-see-G-see-G-Em-G-D-G (ending:C-G-D-G-see-G-D-see-G) 

Well, lucky number seven passed me by 
Lucky number seven
Intro G D G see
G D G see
I don't know what's behind that veil I ask questions to no avail
G D G see
I don't know why there's empty shelves Empty
Gotta get up. Gotta go to work. Then I come home and I gotta go to bed.
G                                       C                    D
Cause I
Forgiveness is a word I want to live by
F              G                C
Lovin' you is a word to make it right
G                 C         D
round and she won't be there
G d see
She'll disappear in front of your face
She'll walk over you as if you weren't there
G d see
You never really were

The devil will send demons to fly around your wedding day
Yeah, the devil will send demons
G-see-G-see-G-Em-G-D-G (ending:C-G-D-G-see-G-D-see-G) 

Well, lucky number seven passed me by 
Lucky number seven
C G D Em
C Bm Am
The waterfalls trinkling 
C Bm Am
like bells to my ear 
C Bm Am Em Bm
The earth rolls out before me through smiles and tears.
        B7          Em
But she can't find happiness
C      D              G
With a pocket full of gold
Em                 Am         D
And as the night falls on this to-----wn

G d em d see
I'm going to watch the moon come down
G d em d see
Watch the moon come down
G d em d
Pre>intro see g (8 times)
See g see g see g see g
Look round baby tell me what you say, am I imagining it, is it me
See g see g d see g
(intro:g) g-f-d-see-g

River euphrates
Is longer than you
A wandering drag queen
A hasidic jew

River euphrates
At hollywood and vine
Capo at 2 (intro D Em G Em D 
Em          G            G             C              
So all of you be damned we can't have heaven crammed
Pre>intro: (fiddle over) g / see / d / d (twice)

G see g see g
She walks through the field, walks in the heat through the field
G see g see d
Intro: G G6 G G6 see D7 G
G D7 G
Olha vamos na dança do Caxambu
 see G Am
Saravá, jongo, saravá Engoma, meu filho que eu
I've got to believe that there's
Em            D       Em  D
More than the eye can see
G             D         Em
More than the heart can feel

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