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with this
Top down in the front vallet don't front
What you want we gon do it my way so

[Chorus 2x]

Navy blue with Sean John G suit
what you're doing here my girl
A natural thing among these substitutes
You wear the ring I wear the monkey suit 

G see G see Em A
Oh yeah Oh oh
"I'm ready to eat"
Beef with me, find a roof and get ready to leak
(Lets get it)
G hoes, al qaeda Donny G
Armani suits, Masserati V's
Want money like we
like guaranteed they gon' kill us
Fleeing, ninety in a night suit, g-ing white dudes
Hit the locks first, we made a right troop

I'm lushin' Russian
current merchants, we nursed it 

Bad guerillas, feed us like guaranteed they gon' kill us 

Fleeing, ninety in a night suit, G-ing white dudes 

Hun'ned G's for the suit, the hood like "oh man" 
Bendin corna's, twenty-two's, no dubbin, (crrrrrrrrrrrr) 
That's what you hear 'cause that shit be
Girl you look so cute
With your long boots and your G-string suit
Got on the stage and work that chap
And yo fellas where the booty at
Whoot, there