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The train runs over the camel but is derailed by the gnat
How will we know? (futuristic crashendos)
March of the rotten vegetables
The big ol' bug is
The access to new excesses excluding environment virtual
Running be sure there's no return page by page - deeper edge a
Crash with the ceiling
comp-atition they gettin' bombed in the trunk 
Cause we keep 'em chunk in the trunk 
They gettin' bumped in the trunk 

[The Grouch] 
What can I learn from
no use to my self once when I'm dead
And though I trusted I was lied to by my own
I bare no grouch and I carry no milestone

Look at me now I am
Expose the wires. Expose the veins. Show them all what is meant by machine. Tools of the tools of the masters design. When you wake up, you will all
days I go by William'
And he talked about his new life and money he'd made out West

And he tried his hardest not to be that old boy we all new
'Til he
deception covered with lies
Mass pollutants filling the skies
Minorities' warnings forgotten by all
Truth comes too soon and majorities fall

(lyrics + music by Mike P.)
They can make things worse for me
Sometimes I'd rather die
They can tell me lots of things
But I can't see eye to eye
destroying the lives of mankind who lives by
The lord
They ripped and they tore shattered and killed and the awful
Has been fulfilled, has been
deception covered with lies
Mass pollutants filling the skies
Minorities' warnings forgotten by all
Truth comes too soon and majorities fall

To hustle and scurry
There's so much to see
And life ain't gonna
Pass me by 

Tomorrow's right around the corner
I'll get there somehow
A poetic rhythm brought by the storm No grace, no glory - pure pleasure in Pain Two
horned master is on the rise Deaths riding in by the storm they
the sky of sweet July
Exotic birds go flying by, mind adventures

Would you like an invitation to my destination, babe
It ain't hard, it's easy to find

I'm gone 'cause I'm stuck off a Zone
I'm Half baked like the Guy on the couch
I don't get high on my grouch
So I puff on my line and be out
I call
by a bit or two I admit a fool I act
often can I nope and let it slip into my raps
like my dick into the crack of freakin females
break em off like Lee
It's not usual, the game be, all up on some South shit
Straight west coasting, you can tell by my outfit
Red 'nati fitted, "Blood in, Blood out"

Complexities break entities when hardcore be the factor
Physically shatter by the cause of the megacosm distractor
Fractured by my supernatural
of female muppet in a doctor's uniform) 
The doctor makes you well real quick 
If by chance you're feeling sick 
She works and works the whole day long
normal off of drugs
I just don't get it

And then I saw John Cale
he's been looking really great
He's been coming by the office to exercise with me
futuristic plans. 
Move out west and buy some desert lands. 
Maybe up North, just past Alaska. 
You know nothing of this if they ask you. 
Red Rover, Red
No diamonds would be bought by this man
If I took a lucky strike and hit the jackpot
Would I rot in hell or prosper
Cottontail the offer
me shawty, but I been watchin' you now for a while
Yo whole style, from yo toes to the way that you smile
And I hope you ain't offended by the way
braggarts back stabbers, abracadabras 
Get hit by the golden daggers (bring it!!) 

Intellectual, rhymin professionals 
Bring all the ladies, in
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
The Arrival 
Leaving by the same door from which he had come in, 
He finds some sort of freaks ghetto on the other side. 
When they catch sight