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Y'all know how this goes down
Doin it funky!
Uh-huh, that's somethin' for the DJ's to cut up
They know (funky!)
Okay, break it down
killed by a cop that thought negative
Shot in the back like a victim of Jesse James
Tell them his motherf***ing name!
Phillip Pernell, murdered by
want static? Punk, don't trip
Dope beats laid by DJ Slip
My lyrics go good with the groove
And while you're dazed, I pull a jack move
My rep never lets,
*sounds of smoking, coughing, and choking* 

"Do you know what's green?" 

*DJ Pam cuts and scratches Cypress Hill "puffin on a blunt"*
This one goes out to my niggas
'Cause we be havin to deal with these punk ass bitches
Check this out

Hey bitch you remember me
It's mista DJ