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since the first record by Damn Yankees
It was the day Ted Nugent killed all the animals
The day Ted Nugent killed all the animals

Imagine that,
Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent

Ooooh ya got busted
On a midnight ride
And now ya want justice
Well, just step inside

He's gonna
nothing but a Brown party.
That's on, going on and got it going on.
Bob and Ted's rated number one so flow on it 
And if you're in the house pump your
Presidential candidates can't debate over this instrumental.
Let 'em freestyle, winner takes all,
When the music?s dead, I'll have Ted Nugent?s head hangin'
the street nigga, you're done
Like a child support judge, we hold court son
Glen Beck want us all to die
And Ted Nugent want us all to die
But real niggas
With A Table Leg Like I Was Ted Bundy
I Bludgeoned You You're Bloodied I Think It's Kinda Of Funny
First I'll Take Your Money And Then I'll Swipe Your
about now
You should be saying "dude kinda tight though"
But let me hush before I start up a fight you know

As far as funk man I think you