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You'll receive the federal funding, you can add another wing
You'll receive the federal funding, you can add another wing
Take your colleagues out
a tundra
I done got out of the dungeon, Put the game in a conundrum
Money becoming abundant, Did it myself I did not have no funding
Now for the top I am
Out the gate I’m gunnin
Now I see you runnin
Turned my nothings into something to stack up my fundings
Bitch I’ll never run out of ammo like Rambo
Funding a war - we are funding a war
We are funding a war - with nothing to gain
We are funding a war - we are funding a war
Funding a war - with
I'm from a place in London
Where the real ones grind any way every day for the funding
Gorillas out here tryna rob man for a monkey, it's a jungle
Oh my way, this is my way
Yeah, stop buying all of her purses and funding her life away
The way that she tried to get me back, you’d think I took
This project has no funding
This project needs more funding
This project has no funding
This project needs more funding
'Tis the time increase in
Had to clean up my act that was stupid
I got money I'm funding my movement 
Need to win cause I'm so tired of losing
Come get baby you see that she
this shit it ain’t random
I’m getting money like a dancer
Messin’ with a cap you cappin’
Black on top like a panther
Crowd funding no backing
All in my
Uni salary
Big books weren't cooked for the purchase of this property

Wait, Hold up, homie, Step back
Ask the academic, what's a rap? 
Get funding for
The glizzy is with me you know that I'm drippy
I look like a faucet
I'm running a business and funding a business
I get to the profits
Yea, I'm
giving her them bands so she keep coming
You don't gotta strip for fans only me I'm funding
Yea baby don't start nun
It won't be nun
It won't be nun
Yea it
been going through a lot
Lately I been stacking tryna get my own spot
Lately I been funding dreams with a 9 to 5
Lately it's been tough for Black folks
hunnits to government funding
5 Million in benjis and that’s how I want it
If it ain’t Franklin I don’t condone it
No I can’t sleep cuz I’m up and I’m on it
a chimney 
Told the gang we almost there we on the road to f*****g history

Running I'm in that bag 
Gunning I won't sit back
Gunning I won't sit back
seen people sitting in circle and funding a war
God save the people
The people of this town
The brothers and sisters out there
God save the people
up for nothing 
But I got a finite amount of money 
And I'm running out of funding, but fuck it 
Man I like to have fun 

But they say a penny's earned
Contrail (Bitch)
I'm really damn funny
The Bentley is bummy
Me I'm all bout the money
Yo diamonds is rusty
You lackin the funny
You lackin yo funding
I have
gotta get it out here
Seen jail 
never seen justice
Gon get it 
Gon get it
Gon get it 
Gon get it 
Let me double my funding 
I bet it 
for gas, but not the car
With some unrestricted funding we could really thrive
Maybe finally upgrade from Windows 95
Pay our staff a living wage
On Pennsylvania Avenue
They're trying to investigate
Potentially incarcerate
Anyone deemed radicalized
More funding for the FBI
And cops who let their friends
I don't ever wanna be apart of no political party
Everybody seeing officials dropping bodies
Pieces of shit funding their campaign
Instead of funding
That's funny
Who want it
Who want it
I should've known you would of cross me
Cross me
Down too the bone
Through the flesh meat
Flesh meat
(mm Majik)
(on a ruger)
(she a tutor)
Aw Yeah
Baby it's nothin (Baby it's nothin)
Yeah I'm on somethin' (Yeah)
I gotta run it
Ni**as just funding

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