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it's time to apologize
Niggas smoke like you trying to fumigate shit
You know roaches will live through anything
I thought vultures would wait 'til
of revelation
Reverends and cattles racing
Devils and demons and Deuteronomy
Fumigate all economy, illuminate broken dreams
And manifest all insanity
hate to groom, funk illuminates the womb
Can't believe she let fish in the pita fumigate the room, ugh

Got me fired up
Might wanna keep that tied up
lets freak this shit
It's messed up if you're feeling (feeling)
Everything is wrong, we'll fumigate the chevrons

I found a bootleg of the cosmic
You'll never fumigate the demons
No matter how much you smoke
So just say you love me
For three good reasons
And I'll throw you the rope

I need to fumigate my head
Kill all the spiders crawling around my bed
Make room for something I can stand again
Cause you took the best thing that I
rap, "Who is Matt?" 
Beneath this Santa Claus smile beats the heart of a sewer rat 
I do this to fumigate body and soul, but all of my art is a part
getting hazy
Why yes it's getting really hazy
Fumigate, crazy, yet it don't phase me
Heat arises, no demise
Looking at Lanstan and we lock eyes
Open his
Ever since I busted open that Trojan and I awoken from the womb
No fumigate
My future
Illuminates kinda like the moon
Monsoons flip my life up
Exported Measles and Smallpox
To fumigate the garden for the Children of choice.
To keep Eden giving they controlled the spread of weeds
To protect
to fumigate to make 'em straight
But they just stayed that way

Lots of pesticides
Big money I done spent
None of them be workin'
So I charge my roaches
you relate
They bug the whole fucking house, we had to fumigate
Family in the motel, acting like there's room for eight
That's why I cry when I

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