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the count
Drowned by the Count, for the last red ounce

[Bridge x2]
Freak fantastic
Rock for the masses [Repeat: x1]
Plastic explosives, ferocious
control over the masses
Co-sponsored by environmentally safe gases
Watch for the PBS special
It's the perpetuation of the two party system
Where image
the brilliance of a Black American child
Endowed by the streets of the Chi proud
Known to move in silence, but can be loud
The noise of beat girls and boys
And now the jewel emits cold, wander prominent.. honour (honour)
I bought up silkworms by the bucket like starter kits
So you first bought a stitch
before them.
For how long will the masses be so pathetically manipulated by God, Queen and Country?

For fucks sake where are we in all this?