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A child is born with no state of mind 
Blind to the ways of mankind 
God is smiling on you and He's frowning too 
Because only God knows what
So many people around me
Why am I still drowning
I'm getting tired of laughing
Cause inside I'm frowning
So many people around me
Why am I still
Happy on the outside, no frowning
Overwhelmed by your lies, head pounding 

Happy on the outside, no frowning
Sad on the inside, I'm drowning
How can I stay grounded
When I'm this sick
Trust I was frowning
When I mixed this
This is sounding twisted
Nod your head to this
Twist up ya face
Bills foreign, Swiss Francs
Before I die I need my money in a Swiss Bank
I can see right through these haters #Fishtanks
Plus they frowning at my
Whatcha frowning for
I desire smiles uh
All around the globe
Let your fire out
I can speak easy like
Sippin rum illegally
From the ta-tip of my
I been drowning
Tell me I can't swim
Never frowning
I can't ever win
You been clowning
I feel like a sim, I feel like a sim, I feel like a sim
I been
looking in the clouds to see
If you got a smile
But I’m frowning
Yeah Hold it down for me
Man I thought you’d be around for me
Now you got me looking in
It’s so hard sometimes when you have to say goodbye
She says you only wanna see me when the reason you’re frowning’s not around
You know I’m awake,
Masked up for this COVID air you cant even see me frowning
Swallowed by the storm I’m drowning
2020 vision got me seeing all the shit around me
well it aint somethin that i like to see 
and i hope it never happens to me
when ya see a smiling woman and a frowning man
she got a ring in his nose
frowning now?)
You go the other way around
Other way around
Other way around (I'm so easy, I'm so easy, I'm so easy)
Other way around
You can't
They can't compete they frowning
Honestly they doubtin
I'm so high I'm falling
I'm so deep I'm drowning
They can't compete they frowning
and hold on God he will bring you the destination yea
Rerouting yes I am rerouting 
God will put a smile on your face you start frowning 
My past used to be
Frowning, frowning, frowning, frowning
Baby why you use me? (why you go and yah)
Crowded, crowded, crowded, crowded
Memories they consume me (they consume me
You're not the only one who has all the facts on you
The truth will bring you down again
'Cause frowning on it's all that you do

Stuck in your
Been feeling like i'm drowning
Yeah i'm drowning
Been feeling like i'm drowning
Yeah i'm drowning
These days i'm tired of frowning
vision's cloudy, bruh
I listen to my doctor, she allows me to
I got them frowning whenever I go doubting her

Paracetamol, help I got a headache
these tears while I'm frowning
I'll frown with my peers while we're clowning
I'll clown on these streets as I look at defeat
And I'm wondering why I'm
quagmire I'll multiply her
You know that I be styling and profiling
She got me drowning frowning
That never happens she keep me smiling
You wild'n I'll never
stars are her only family
Yeah they're all she needs

Carolina's so
Happy on the outside
She keeps frowning inside

In the Nashville sky
your heart is frowning (frowning)
But hey now (hey now), you know, girl (know girl)
We both know it's a cruel world
But I will take my chances
Drip check nigga we drip or drowning
I was in my bag while u class clowning
Counting up racks you know I ain’t frowning
I count my own don’t need
All this water on me
Feel like I'm drowning
Bluefaces, Vvs watches on me
And they all frowning
'Member they was doubting
Now look who clouting


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