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And I'm still fact, she's fiction

Remember the night you were with me
Fell asleep by my side
Strangers together, your hand in mind
How come we never
ever had was this world when it was new
Back in nineteen-seventy all the way to eighty-two
Things were heavenly around the town where I grew
Family love
of masses
No great pretender, not me, yeah yeah
'Cause I can play this guitar
Hangin' round my neck
I'm in love with its power
I believe in its strength
We're skin to skin, you broke apart
And if I ever fall in love, ohh

Thank God, it's Friday night
We're together, we're side by side
Thank God, ohh, it's
on drugs,
Fuck that Bin Laden, y'all can't mess with us
'cause where you never been I'm in.

It's Friday night, in the city. Its Friday night,
Is you
We've come this far by faith
Pick up your pace and don't you be late
I'm hear to tell ya about the good news
Somethin' about the path that we
We've come this far by faith
Pick up your pace and don't you be late
I'm hear to tell ya about the good news
Somethin' about the path that we
Friday comes around we're only into fighting
My Ma would like a letter home but I'm too tired for writing


It almost breaks my heart when I think
It's just the good ol' boy in me
I got my friends I got the recipe
For one hell of a life

I got my girl, got my family
Got my booze and that's all I
right, it's time for you and I
Friday is forever, we should be together tonight

Don't be afraid, we will stay this way
Don't ever change, I'm in love with
rushin' by me like the wind,
Never be as young as I was then,
No I'm never gonna feel like that again.

Practice dancin' in my garage,
Two left feet
I love sleeping in on Saturdays
And I love college football games
I love not acting my age
And good barbecue

Yeah I'm a fan of Faulkner books
a nigga love to get buck wild
Pow come fuck with me now (now, now)

This is my family, this is my family, my family
This is my family, this is my
We're partying Friday night
And getting all good to go
We're partying Friday night
Cold chillin' in stereo
We're partying Friday night
burning, burning
I'm still in love with the photo frame
I kissed it once and my lips are still dancing in shame
You know, there's something terribly wrong
Please come home to your daddy, and explain yourself to me
Because I and you are man and wife, tryin' to start a family
I'm beggin' you baby, cut
I dropped my gloves into the stove
Hymns echoed out the grate
I fell in love with those electric lights
That drug me into town so late

To nimble,
I can see it in your eyes
Our hearts were one
But after some time
Demolished by your fiction of love
You said I'm haunting you
You lie and lie again
you know what I'm saying?

[Chorus: x 2]

I can't wait til next Friday (next Friday)
That's when a brother gets paid (gets paid)
I've got plenty
Climbin' every mountain, always killing me
Count the cost as days go by 
Monday I've got Friday on my mind
Why don't we make love
and the fifth dimension

The new world order can't touch me
They can't fuck with me
Cuz I'm free

We all family
Only we can stop the insanity

We in
stopping by. I'm stopping by, Daddy.

I think the best of me's still standing in the doorway
Counting cars and counting days and counting years
I could
Laura loves her little family,
And she's the kind of woman who loves them with her life.
But sometimes in the evening,
When the world rests on her
daughters stay in school
Learn all you can, yes, I'm a real family man

Go tell momma
(Go tell momma)
To go ask daddy
(To go ask daddy)

That since when was
named my son: Knight
He was born to be one, that's how my game was won
White 740 Beamer, licked by an angel's tongue
I'm livin' dangerous son, she got

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