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Yeah it's fricking time
Frick all y'all

Ok, here we go, it's fricking time
Here we go, it's fricking time
a little, little more space
Stop chasing me around all over the place
And checking all the comments on damn Myspace
And acting like a fricking nut

your wallet
And put it in the air and sing

I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover
The pain inflicted upon you is so sick it's Bizarre
Shit this is almost ridiculous, addictive as far
As having me wanna rip out your fricking ligaments, ah
of the muck you wallow in 
Like a chief chemist all the sciences are following 
Planned it to examine you on a petrie dish 
Sticking you and fricking you
of sirens and a sudden lightning storm
The only thing that made any sense was this guy and his fricking face
This guy kept smiling at us
"What are you
And you'll say to yourself, 'damn I'm glad I was there' 
This is as rare as me fricking share 
You people stare 
But behind closed doors you will take it
He really fuck up this time.
He'll get this someday.
Just wait and see.
That fricking idiot told
everbody something
I kept a secret.
Why is he
what's up

Frick tricking and trick fricking to meet you 
But every time I wanna talk you got your clique with you
You're freaking me out and it's like I
Are to fricking large
Bout to get the W
Racing way in front of you
Liquor was a hundred-proof
And I can feel it coming through
She was really freaky
Smoking hella joints like I'm fucking Tana Mongeau
The pussy taste better then some fricking green jello
I'll rain 10k and some gucci on your girls ass

they need dental floss
Wanna shake my hand, I'll leave you hanging like a fricking cross
(On a chain of course)
Ah, yeah, I got the game on pad lock

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