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She want that 5 minute freshen up
You tried to holla, homie, but you wasn't fresh enough
That's how I know I'm a professional
Six 0′s
talk around town
Girls like me want to keep it down
Dope boy freshen with all your clothes
Pop that girl if anything goes
Yeah beat boys want all
Ich hab das beste Weed, die schönste Frau
Alles, was ich brauch'
Immer fette beats, freshen Sound
Hr der Rest ist out

Ja, mir geht es gut, ja
Tell these fuck niggas, how you been?
You can freshen our minds, niggas talk down every now and then
On the style, gettin' styled 9 times out of 10
Freshen up that body
If your hopin' you can be with me.

Lever 2000 keeps her shiny and gay,
Well her washing is a ritual two times every day
Can't buy me love

And I say, "I want you to freshen up my mind"
So I pray, that you will be there to spend the time

Come baby, come baby, rock my
Can't buy me love

And I say, "I want you to freshen up my mind"
So I pray, that you will be there to spend the time

Come baby, come baby, rock my
To tear at the fray for a thundercloud

To dress up your wounds
Wash off the salt
Freshen the blooms
At your sea-rusted altar

Caldera's edge
get to camp discharge,
You can come back home and freshen up,
And run around at large!

Gone gone gone gone,
With the draft draft draft draft!
need a little air-freshen up, Under the drums-uh!
Open up the window, y'all!
Let out some!

Here are the man ain't leaving no slack-uh! Ha!
Winds will freshen later tonight to south-west force six or seven
And there will be showers sometimes heavy in many
Oh sod it, I didn't wanna do
for you

I'ma stop and get some gas my baby
Give you time to freshen up my baby
And if you want just leave the door unlocked
I'll be creeping in by
Darkest deep brown eyes I've seen
Angel came into my dream
Like the morning's early light
You freshen all around
And with all the love you bring
is kiss and let me play with they vagina 
I got my freshen up, I put on my chucks, also down with pluck 
Th finest watch on the playground, the one
got trials on my line, got a million dollars house
We used to rot in coogie sweaters
Now it's Gucci all the time
Freshen hair, leather season
Wanna toll
rub,I let him get a lil' touch
I told him hold up stop, let me go to the bathroom freshen up
I went out the bathroom window, met with Gucci glock in
close beside me said
You'd better watch your head
The party's over

It wasn't long before
The waitress came over and said
Can I freshen up your
into the oven
The housework makes you happy
Peel the veg and then set the table
The housework keeps you feeling alive
Freshen up and put on some music
Oh oh
Yeah, yeah
Lose control

As soon as you wake up
You know who you were thinking of
As soon as you freshen up
You know you gotta
Le me freshen up,
I just want to love every girl in the world,
Take her to the moon, then take her to the room,
Posted up chilling, looking
happened last night?
Can't find where my phone is, throwing up shit like west side.
All I need is a shower, let a nigga freshen up my odor
And I see you in
freshen up that funk box 
I pump like diesel fuel, stamina speed, strong as a ox 
Takin a shower, run the steam water for a hour 
That's word I'm naked
on your nails while you freshen up
Love to get you undressed, why you dressin' up?
(All of your secrets will soon be disclosed)
All of your secrets will
and joy

Just like a shower
You freshen me up every time
And every minute, every hour
You got me feeling so fine, so fine

Could burn a hole in a big

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