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more jobs, less unemployment
Let's skip the Devil, less enjoyment

More originality, less bitin' off Pac 'n' Big
More community activism, less pigs
[Fresh Prince - talking before song begins]
Alright we ready?
We rollin, right?
We rollin, alright

[Intro - Fresh Prince - talking]
Yo in
and shuttered by the wind
To tell the tale of Lydia, her legacy begins uprising
Unveiling the absurdity in the tragedy of man
And it's hero the all seeing worm
shit I been with biz in the clearing, pigs sharing
Got fresh, Wu-Wearing, motherfuckers not caring
Then move through your community, with diplomat
More jobs less unemployment
Lets get the devil less enjoynment
More originality less biting pocket off big
More community activism less pigs
[Intro Skit]
Someday I'm gonna be walkin down the streets,
mindin my own business.. and BAM!!
I'm gon' be shot by some pig who's gonna SWEAR
[Talib Kweli]
The proud
Stand tall or don't stand at all, see'mon
Uhh, yeah
Break it down
What we do?

We survive, it's more than
Uh, Fresh to def she is
From her steps to the set she is
So "death" might not let me live
Ya dig
Fresh uh huh, yes she is
Had a feeling that it would
I was like Fresh 
Poppa raised me to chess moves 
And though your gone I'm not bitter you left me prepared 
We got divided by the years, but I got
Know how to take an intro on a tune
It can be a 4-bar
Generally it's a 4-bar or 8-bar intro

I'm not wimpin'
Out you know what I'm about
featuring Run D.M.C. 


There are 8 million stories in the naked city 

8 million stories (x4) 

(verse one Kurtis blow)
DJ Premier: Big L  Rest In Peace 

Intro: samples 
  Feel the realness   
  In this business of rep   
  Go ahead   

Fresh out
and hardcore

Oh a line with fakes a time
Fresh time, with sure more times
Jimminy two time respect mine
Big click with breakfast and blacklist
the necklace
I'm bony and I'm wreck lace
It's Tony in a Lexus
I'm fresh out the gutter, scrap what ya' man thought
I'm in the hood with more straps than a Jan
[Fresh Prince - talking before song begins]
Alright we ready?
We rollin, right?
We rollin, alright

[Intro - Fresh Prince - talking]
Yo in
down, brother pay homage
Don't spill hate all on my garments
Commes Des Garcon, fuck your fresh
Head shots nigga fuck your vests
Fuck the pig, no pork
Sarah Lee. I'm to hiphop what Oprah is to TV. Fo sho' so please, stop hating on me. Ain't nuttin changed still fuck you pay me. By the way got more game
a mutha-fuckin' ton
Bucking down one, bucking down two,
Bucking down your crew, mutha fuck you
Pigs were blue, I where black, nothing but black
Cause god damn
Took four five shots when they rushed in your crib
?? Crack ya ribs, cops shot ya whip,
You been chased by the pigs on a four year bid
Crashed cars,
Intro, Ice Cube:

What would you do
If I punked your whole crew?
Would you run like a bitch from me?
Niggaz don't test 
Cause we come from the west
down, brother pay homage
Don't spill hate all on my garments
Commes Des Garcon, f*** your fresh
Head shots n**** f*** your vests
F*** the pig, no pork
And if life a bitch suck my dick huh?
And I bet she fucked the whole clique, huh
By the way nigga, you should fuckin' quit, nigga
Just forget it, you
on the marquee, your name off the payroll
Style fresh, like I'm still a day old
And it's been like that since the day yo
On more time than a Roley, or Seiko
Understandin is the best part, besides that
I fell-a off to a fresh start, no time to sidetrack
So much more still to come, it seems strange
I was much more
of here.
Yo Dre give me a funky ass bass line.

(Intro Chorus)
What fuck is up? In the place to be.
Coming on the mic is Eazy Motherfucking-E.
Dre is

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