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I am not going to leave you
Not for good
You are the real one
I am your fool

Fooled by the night
Drinking the poison
Enough to get right
are raised
But hopes to survive will freeze

Never ending pain
In the hour of their death
Driven to their tomb
By never healing wounds
can take it or leave it, I know what I'm talking about 

I've damn felt the pain
I'm beaten down by the pouring rain
But it hard to get off the old
the pill, it kills the pain.

Freeze frame capture it.
The stars fell from the sky, in my hands they pulsate.
Into the night they're shattered
By the time you get this message I'll be down
You may recognize my elementary sound
We can freeze time
We can freeze time
But sometimes I just
have the power remote control
One look from you and my blood runs cold
You've put my heart on hold, freeze frame
You've put my heart on hold, freeze
When it all went down
And the pain came through
I get it now
I was there for you
Don't ask me how
I know it's true
I get it now
I was there
getting louder day by day
When the fog raises the dead again
Disharmony of crushing bones
Will take away my pain
turned on the lights

Tonight we will deny, that time is passing by
It's leaving you and I to...

A moment, it's never been better
Terror, when the darkness binds your limbs
Terror, when the fear freezes your nerves
Horror, when the pain climbs up your veins
Darkness, creeping
the quiet bleeds
Peel and age
Familiar peace 
In the pain 

Pulling you wrong
In soft belief and midnight
Finish a violent quiet freeze
Pain and grief,
Keep us suffering
Send the poor to war,
Send the rich up to their suite
Hope unbeknown to me
A sentence for
don't want to be seen


Consuming your pride
cursed by this disease
Those around you panic
Onlookers start to freeze

Living in fear
Riddle fit to hit, put together bit by bit
Like a do-it-yourself kit
Then I'll hold your soul on a remote control
So-called MC's will freeze so
to hit, put together bit by bit
Like a do-it-yourself kit
Then I'll hold your soul on a remote control
So-called MC's will freeze so cold
Then get viewed
and bright 
Carried by the golden wings 
In pain I see the love fade 

I can turn the sky to ever black 
Roses fade in silent halls 
As the snow covers
Temples of ice white desert breeze
The golden sun prepares to freeze
Dying of thirst drowning in pain
You wake in sleep it starts again

Getting too wild to respect the vow
I just ain't ready to settle down 
My name too big in the ghetto now 

Feels like I'm ready
and tired and alone

I brought this on by my own hands
The precious disgrace from my own hand
If I could freeze time in my own hands
Story of a quarryman
their spirits, crush their hearts
Not even death will set them free from this pain

Ride them down as they flee from our steel
Draw their
I sat at home alone
Waited by the phone
No matter how hard I tried
I couldn't get on with my life
I tried medication, meditation
I've still gone
Projected memories passing by leading back to my reality speed frame coloured boxes with pleasant Ambiance imagination raped by a commercial car
Tell me and take your time
Set free this soul of mine
Freeze frame this sedate moment
Lie me in your quiet ground

I understand your tired eyes
Freeze in a moment
Do not move
Do not breathe
Do not do not be
Freeze in a moment
Like a photo in a frame in the album of your brain
Do not
calls for pain
The forecast calls for pain
My baby's turning cold
And the forecast calls for pain

We stayed up all night talking
She's grown

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