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just be one more nigger in the morgue

Yeah I like that man
That shit sounds kinda funky don't it  
Hahahaha, yo let me finish this freestyle tho man
the nerves ignore the pain

Repetition needs a friend
I have a 12 gauge resting in my hands
How 'bout we get this party started right
And use a bullet for each
breath of an mc
Feel me

A 12 gauge stage displayed wit all rage
Bet yo last dolla it will make front page
It lasted all night, Mcs filled the black
Sargeant Shabazz 

Lieutenant Bless  Captain Freestyle 

Repport to your post 

Baby J  C12 

The industry... give up the ghost 

off in a silent rage
Fish tilled back to the Ritz with my 12 gauge
Gat smoking, I ain't joking
Left them fools on the ground face with they heads
Shot down by a 12 gauge
Shotgun, never feel safe
Struck hard by a spiked fist
Cold blood runs down your face

As your hate grows stronger
Towards the one
kick us we can never run away nothing gonna stop me know until I've had my say ??? the 12 gauge I'm just getting started I can't begin to express my rage
bottle of booze

My baits a' runnin a little low

Man a box of 12 gauge would be all the rage

I'm all liquored up and I'm feelin' good

Well just down
To make a crowd jump like a 12-gauge pump
Servin lots of speedknots when I fuck with chumps
Size havin nothin to do with this matter
My name is like
Bang on the dark side man,
Land ah the thuggish ruggish city will it reveal,
But I went back to my land with ah 12-gauge Mossberg pump
Big shells, you
an angel with a 12 gauge (Lock and load)
You're like a wheelman on a get-away (Hit the road)
And together we ride
You ain't Bonnie I ain't Clyde
But we
from the ghetto nation

Out on the lawn, ya strip the car down
And you're sippin' corn on the porch
If the neighbors complain, open up the 12-gauge
a 12-gauge shotty
Loyalty comes free, smokin' weed is my hobby
You want to rob me, you gotta leave here with a body
In the streets of New York, You can't trust
a 12-gauge shotty
Got machetes and them cannons loaded up
Got them xany's and that lean in my cup
These politician's can come up missin', I'm on a mission
on the Real Thing
Daddy comes out with a 12 gauge shotgun 
Had a flashback from his days in Viet Nam
Honey please you're my daughter
I guess she forgot all
sawed off
12 gauge bullet spray
And the ambulance come to take your body away
You still a bitch, ridin' to the hospital
Keep lookin' for the doctor
Take my dick out yo' mouth when you speakin' the shit
When the shotgun blasts, muthaf**kin' hauled off
Ain't no escapin' the muthaf**kin' sawed off
grab that 12 gauge
Cause that's the only way a niggaz gonna get paid
I'm on my way to my old bank
They know me real good and they don't think that I'd

Best believe we get high, nigga
Best believe we get by, nigga
Best believe we get fly, nigga la, la, la, la, la
Best believe we get
these Fairfax blocks for ages
Organic for breakfast, free-ranging on stages
It's twelve-noon on my clock, engaged for 12 Gauges
I spit the plague,
"Detroit listeners out there, you better be sure to stop by the 
Galaxy club where there's a freestyle superfly fresh contest going 
On tonight. if
grab that 12 gauge
Cause that's the only way a niggaz gonna get paid
I'm on my way to my old bank
They know me real good and they don't think that I'd
thang's in ya face man
It's Project Pat wit' that 12 gauge strapped ya'll
I blow yo' chest out yo' motherfucking back dawg

Pat starts
dead to me- you re dead to me, all dead to me
Dead dead you re soon to be dead
I put a 12-gauge under my chin
Dead to me- you re dead to me- you re
write the good rhymes
The whole scenery reminded me of good times
I don't like to feel that I'm put in a rut
By a young nigga that needs to pull his