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[Peedi Crakk]
It's not a game I'm from Philly
Go by the name P, Prizzy Mac Milly
Used to with Young Crizzy in the back rolling on twigs
the dumpster for some cocaine

Ayy, free my nigga Coo, he in the chain gang
Chris Johnson, I swear 'fo God I drop the twenty-eight
I told my nigga be fool,
back here, don't know how to make a knife?
Stand tall on my own, I don't gang bang
I done seen it go bad on the chain gang
Seen niggas gang raped by
on the ground and hit us
We paint pictures of the chains under their names and scriptures
Removed from earth, only to return through birth
Knew this girl selling

Capo, what's my motherfuckin' name?
Eastside, say what, what's my motherfuckin' name?
DipSet, Byrd Gang

Catch that boy Capo
Cruisin' up
killers that'll ride from the loc to the deuce

I heard a shot proof flip nigga gimme a bitch
At the Martigra crowd flipping the trigga
You still a bitch
from them haters
Yeah I keep it old school, grim no blazers
All around star in the hood where my base is
Get mine early but I am in the latest
And from the start I’ve been paying from the heart
Crazy how HE art like the word heart written out

I keep a big mac for you small fries
And I mob with
gold chain
Fuck my young niggas, XO gang
Get so drunk you forget yo name
Incense, burning, smoking out to my own shit
Got black wood in my white Range,
by the 9
Fuck the dumb shit, I run this, a whole life of crime
Ain't never had shit, but always had my pistol, bitch
187, don't make me whistle, bitch
fragile and timid
Pressed to the limit
12 years old, no household
From the start I was finished

Disowned by the biologicals
And adopted by rolling
the plan (by 25)
Jakes see me winning, they're vexed (they're vexed)
They just want a brudda in the can, nope
You ain't cool if you ain't in a gang (gang
tap, young cat, old vision, soul glisten
Gun clap, one track mind, rhyme whole rhythm creatin
Instead of waitin, refrain from thought patterns
Of your
And let me hear ya holla
Not about that mighty dollar
Roll with the Bone
Mo Thugs'll follow
Chain gang remainin' the same
Flamin' my dank,