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since the first record by Damn Yankees
It was the day Ted Nugent killed all the animals
The day Ted Nugent killed all the animals

Imagine that,
Presidential candidates can't debate over this instrumental.
Let 'em freestyle, winner takes all,
When the music?s dead, I'll have Ted Nugent?s head hangin'
the street nigga, you're done
Like a child support judge, we hold court son
Glen Beck want us all to die
And Ted Nugent want us all to die
But real niggas
Just like we had ffffeared, the mates we had have all disappeared
Nicky, Flip, Paul, Fat Bob and Ted, they all done a bunk & all got wed
drinkin' motherfucker that's me

In the flesh and I guess I'm the best
In the motherfuckin midwest 'cause there's no contest
For the pimp, I'm the pimp
up with a silver string
Delivered by a fast train rearranging how I think
He said "I can't believe you even know that I exist,
I've got all of your
Fuck the light at the end of the tunnel
Cause I'm living for today, tryin' not to drown in a bottle
Death all around me, drugs seem to numb me

These days still the same
I can steal the flame, eyes kill with the pain
So I advise y'all to chill with the games
Entertain for the cheddar
[Warren G]
Waiting around a crew of thugs
That parade in blue, and yelling 'cause (whats up cuz)
Ate by selling drugs
'38 snub in the waist, in
And to be for real I'm already done cart wheels

[Lil' Flip]
Down south we all about stackin chips
And if you get outa line we packin clips

Down south
and game ain't free
I'm a pro hitta, a nigga go getta
I'm down for whateva, but I'm all about my chedda
and game ain't free
I'm a pro hitta, a nigga go getta
I'm down for whateva, but I'm all about my chedda
Usually I’m drug-free, but shit I’m with the homies

It’s 2:30 and the sun is beaming
Air conditioner broke and I hear my stomach screaming
Hungry for
to thumb suck
Once sought a life thought it right to write about
Now gets raped by aryans in the big house (OUCH!)

[Mr. Lif]
Ted did 20 years for growing
The fight for free speech, lack of responsibility
Thieves in positions
Frenchie, Juice, Man, Guc' (Ooh)
Bet them boys gon' shoot (Bow! Bow! Bow!)
Sling a cap in Kebo
Gon' shoot for Freak 'em Free Throws
Free my nigga T-bone
I ain't gon' bite off more than I can handle
I got the DVD all in my wall panel

I ain't try to brag, this is on my dick, 'cause they see in a mag
'Cause I just asked him was the tics tight and I think he just said no

1993 creation for steps of born leezys
Wrote rhymes in class, bored by teachers
hol' nines I freaked it, 
To getting all this money is a ancient Chinese secret
The liquid, LA can sit down like a precint
I'm flippin' on you MCs for no
These fuckin' snakes man
Fuckin' up our lives
I'll take a piss in your oil fields
I want some motherfuckin' payback so, yo

I wanna run for
game too overcrowded
And nothing they can do about it, give my tapes away for free
And put it in your face on my kush DVD
So you can

Look at my hair,