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one time pounding on the wall now lulled to sleep by lowered voices
 Is waking

 Fight with little purpose
 Only meaning to scratch the surface
through the surface and
(Breathe, breathe, breathe)
Break through the surface and

I am forgiven, I am free
I am a field on fire
I am forgiven, I am

Blue skies above Everything's right
As we're going on our way the future looks bright
You and me together at last
Feeling good feeling free
Sliding through the shimmering surface between two worlds
Standing at the center of time as it uncurls
Cutting through the veil of illusion
of paitence, it's untold
That's the secret that has mad it

Constructive powers flow desire
The last intense degree
Scratching at the surface, for all of us
the wisdom, the wisdom of fools, given to me by the eyes of a ghost.

The roar of thunder sets the oracle free.
Awakening the ones fallen from grace.
from this terror
white cold moon and Zaephyr's surface
Salva me, Salva me, Salva me...
I will swear I will call my hate
and eternal rage

(repeat chorus 1) 

Cause I'm free, free at last, free
From my past, free from sin, and I'm free
And down on my knees when my life passed me by
And I
where we escape from the surface of what we've become
Into the groove, come for the ride

Take the plunge, soak it up like a sponge
Don't be afraid
we'll jump from. 
It doesn't seem so far 
From finding common surface 
And to still retreating hearts. 
From the playground to my last breath
Than between populations

Look back to the past
We hail from one caste
This division will not last

Defined by your skin
Forget we share kin
She's ready to turn off her life's flame to free all his people from
Hell but no... he doesn't want to accept this solution preferring to
the graveyard walk
I thank God I'm free at last
Me and my Jesus going to meet and talk
I thank God I'm free at last

On my knees when the light pass'd by
Free! Praise the Lord! Free at last!

I'm free from the guilt that I carried,
From that dull empty life I'm set free,
For when I met Jesus, He made me
smile again
I'm free
Free to laugh not cry
Free to live not die
I'm Free

I know you're troubled by your past
And you hide behind your mask
The misery it
I have to free myself from all this madness in my struggle to survive.
As time progresses time reveals the
Answers. At last I break through
Last time
The flowers are all blooming
In the cemetery
Very fertile things are buried
Very fertile are rising to the surface
And their heads now
Hanging at my door 
Many shiny surfaces 
Clinging in the breeze 

Oh, leave me where I am I am not losing 
If I am choosing not to plan my life
Loneliness it shadows me, quicker than darkness 
Crawls to the surface of my skin, visibly surrounded by it 
Black is all I feel, so this is how it
a lead-free zone
Down within the shadows where the factories drone
On the surface of the wheel they build another town
And so the green come tumbling down
the most in a lead-free zone
Down within the shadows where the factories drone
On the surface of the wheel they build another town
And so the green come
Of a strange drug
Set the leathery skin of a female
Straddling a furnace

Illuminates in blue
Hands melt against its surface
Feel no pain
Just let the hate surface
Live the dream of fame and fortune
Annihilate the fears

Vengeance is yours to demand
Though destiny is our of your hands
knees when the light pass'd by
I thank God I'm free at last
Tho't my soul would rise and fly
I thank God I'm free at last

Some of these mornings,
You're honey child to a swarm of bees
Gonna blow right through you like a breeze
Give me one last dance
We'll slide down the surface of things


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